Survivor: Tocantins 3/5

Tyson is becoming my all-time favorite survivor contestant. I like the way he plays the game, but remains aware that he’s on TV

“Brendan? Coach? I dunno. I wasn’t really paying attention.”

“I really want to see a freak-out at tribal council.”

I hope he wins.

I swear to god, before tonight, I thought there was only 3 guys on Jalapao. J.T., Stephen, and random nameless dude. Now there’s J.T., Stephen, Joe, and random nameless dude. And I never saw Sydney before.

Nice to see things even up, Jeff made it seem like Jalapao had such a huge lead.

Random Nameless Dude = Spencer AKA as youngest Survivor player ever AKA token outed gay guy.


Taj: I hope her random vote for Joe doesn’t come back to bite her and she rocked in the reward challenge and talking with Sierra at Exile.

JT: He also rocked during the reward challenge.

Tyson: for his snarkiness and I think he will turn on Coach


Coach: I don’t think I have to explain.

Erinn: Whiny, but she has one quality that I like: Coach doesn’t like her. The enemy of my enemy is my friend.

What was up with Taj throwing a random vote for Joe? Is she that far out of the loop in her tribe?

I am SO glad Sandy is gone, as she was mighty annoying. Despite the editing to make it look like Sydney might be in trouble, there surely was never any doubt. “Let’s see, should I vote out the old hag who talks about farting or the hot young model who flirts with me?”

That dude is FAST. Reminds me of Ozzy.

If Sandy was smart (which is doubtful because of the whole “pace” thing) she should have tried to find the original Hidden Immunity from the first day. It wouldn’t actually work anymore, but the other tribe members wouldn’t know that. I forget, did someone on the other tribe find theirs eventually?

The only thing I can think of is that she made a promise not to vote against Sandy, but she didn’t want to draw attention to herself, so she threw a random vote in there instead.

Surviving Tocantins, Episode 4: “You Better Pull Some Panties Off!”

Oh, and I love Probst insinuating that Taj was jealous of the attention that Sydney was getting. Yo, Jeff…the woman’s married to Eddie Freakin’ George! There’s nothing on either tribe that can compare to that!

The Survivor editors are giving Coach the predictable “I’m a jackass who will get horribly blindsided by all my friends” edit.

Personally, I can’t wait. That opening with him was painful.

Oh, and good on Sierra joining the exile foursome. She’s got spunk, I think she’ll go far.

I took Jeff’s comment to mean that he didn’t buy that Taj “didn’t care” about the possible advantage that Syndey’s flirting/good looks might be giving her, not implying that she was jealous of the attention. It was an odd thing to say, and tipped Taj’s hand I think, that she wasn’t worrying about it because she has her budding alliance, and Jeff caught that and pounced because he a) knows about the secret alliance and b) recognized that Taj was acting a little cocky.

That being said, I know that they cut a lot out of the tribal council footage, but some of Jeff’s questions are obviously based on perfect producer knowledge and that doesn’t seem fair to me. If the other players aren’t able to detect things stated at tribal council in moments of over-confidence, I don’t think Jeff should be allowed to foster more scrutiny to those statements.

What was the point of showing Erinn digging in her nose? That seemed a little necessarily cruel.
I love the music they play while Coach is bloviating.
CTTDSWHC, I recall reading interviews with Jeff where he specifically says he doesn’t review the day-to-day tapes of tribal life before Tribal Council. The council lasts hours, as you know, and the editors pick and choose bits that align with what they’ve shown us. I think Jeff is just so good at picking up on anything the players let slip, and he zeros in on it and exposes what he picks up.

Dalton Ross gives a pretty funny recap of the eprsode on

From previous interviews over the past 17 seasons, Jeff claims he does not get behind the scenes knowledge. All his questions are based on what he sees when he is with the contestants and how they respond at Tribal Council.

But as you noted, a lot is cut out of Tribal Council. So what to us looks like he honed in on a point in five seconds flat could have actually taken 15 minutes of probing.

In Taj’s case, he certainly didn’t need any behind-the-scenes info or probing. She made a dumb statement (just like she made a dumb statement when she revealed to her tribemates who her husband is) and Probst called her out on it.

Thanks for sharing that quote from, singular1!

I would like to state for the record that, while I admit to being a bit of a flirt, the only reason I’m wearing someone else’s underwear is as a way of dealing with this awful heat.

Good call. I also see some Bobby Jon, both of whom were (next to Rupert) my favorite all-time players.

Got you covered, jayjay, although I believe that shoe won’t fit the other foot.

I don’t usually pick a fave this early in the season, but I may make an exception for JT. Think he’s going to go far.

(And thanks for the Dalton Ross link, singular1 – he’s a funny dude.)

Following up on what I said earlier, it looks like I was correct. The voting videos are up on, but I haven’t had a chance to look at them yet. However, I interviewed Sandy a few minutes ago, and she said, “(Taj) told me she would never write my name down on a piece of paper, and I thought that was so cool. I was really hoping that to be the truth and it was.”

Sandy also told me she was essentially trying to poison her tribemates: “I was trying to get water from other places and thinking I could give them belly aches enough to not to kill ‘em but to make ‘em sick enough like Jerry.”


Yikes indeed.

Her claim that she’s not as stupid as she appears wasn’t entirely persuasive.

Thanks for the info on Taj’s vote. I think it’s pretty stupid to make a promise like that to anyone who’s not going to be on the jury, or at least it’s stupid to honor a promise like that at this point in the game. Now Joe has reason to distrust her and the others may feel like Taj is not “one of us.”

And that thing about Sandy and the water? Dude! :eek: She’s worse than I thought! That could make for an interesting moment at the Finale reunion if Jeff brings it up.

Duped by editing and not reading any Survivor media.

So does Jeff not watch anything (except obviously what happens during the challenges or emergency medical visits) until the game is over, or just not the footage from the days immediately prior to a Tribal?

Because if he’d seen any of the footage prior to this last cycle, from Exile or testimonies involving the secret alliance, I’d still think his questions could be unfair.