Survivor 4/23/09

More of the Adventures of Coach.

Do you think he’s spending a lot of time visiting website after website to read post after post saying “Coach is a tool”?

ETA: Should’ve waited till the votes were counted. I’ll miss that boy’s odd commentary.

Damn! What a season!

That. Was. Awesome.

Two words:
Boo. Yah.

I am loving this season. Stephen and J.T. are the new Yul and Ozzy. And Coach actually seemed somewhat human when he was talking about giving Sierra a second chance.

Does Stephen have the idol now? I can’t keep track of it.

After his celebrating before the game is won comments about Sierra I had a feeling it would be Tyson. And it made my little heart so glad.

And something coach has not done was revealed tonight, but I don’t want to risk spoiling it.

HA! That was so great! Tyson definitely deserved that. An asshole even in his parting words.

I’m really worried that Coach will work his manipulative magic on Sierra next week. He uses her low self esteem to make her seek his approval. I’ve always hated that kind of “coaching.” Breaking someone down and then building them back up really means: destroy their sense of self worth so that they will be emotionally dependent on you.

The only downside to sending Coach home next week is that it would be so much more fun if he was totally blindsided.

Go ahead. I saw the episode and don’t know what you are talking about.

Most satisfying Tribal Council ever. The shots of Sierra’s face as the results dawned on her intercut with the shots of Coach and Tyson feeling victory slip away were awesome television. “Survivor” at its best.

And Probst’s digs at Coach and his ‘life experiences’, just icing on the cake.

Coach has not aligned holes in boards so he can ‘spy’ a vowel.

it was great to have Probst calling out Coach on his challenge prowes. (lack of it)

Sierra look dumbfounded as the votes were being read. I don’t think she had any idea. Which makes it even better.

Thanks for providing the answer.

For a man with no experience with boards he sure is a tool.

Oh lord that was wonderful. The only possible improvement would have been for Coach to have gotten the shaft. Can you imagine watching the expressions on his face as it was slowly inserted?


That really was awesome. I can’t wait for Coach to get all huffy with JT about giving his word as a “Warrior”. Eat it, Coach.

And, Jesus, some of these people are just hateful, horrible people. I thought Tyson would start searching for a puppy to kick after his talk with Sierra.

I agee – I don’t recall her comment, but it seemed like she voted for Tyson because he was being a dick to her in TC, and she thought her vote was inconsequential, so what the hell, she voted for him. It would have been delicious if JT had not voted for Coach, and Sierra’s impulse-vote for Tyson had been put Tyson over the top. Well, probably not – it would have been a tie, and Sierra and Tyson would compete to make fire, and Tyson would have whooped her, then beaten her senseless with a puppy. So this result was probably okay. EDIT: wait, it was 5/8 for Tyson, so if Sierra’s vote put them over the top and it was impulse… well hell, I don’t believe that now, the other players wouldn’t have risked that.

It was awesome when Jeff started after Coach about his “life experiences,” obviously tweaking him as a liar.

I caught that too. Although I believe a-swazh is a correct alternate pronunciation, I’ve only heard it in its common pronunciation.

What are you guys talking about ?

Sierra was trying to explain her position on the opposing alliance, and Coach said something about her ‘assuaging her guilt’ or something like that. I don’t remember where it was.

I love to hate Coach. He’s the biggest, most self-righteous asshole that’s ever been on Survivor. Coach, I hope you’re reading this.

I really wanted to see him voted out early on, but now I’m so happy that he’s still in. Twice now, two times in a row, I’ve had the gleeful joy of seeing Coach-butthole lose out on a reward challenge that you could see he was just salivating over. First he doesn’t get to go rafting, now he doesn’t get to see a martial arts exhibition. Take that, Coach-doofus, and that!

And then the icing on the cake, a blindside. Not on Coach himself, but perhaps better, on his little head-up-his-ass “warrior” alliance. I am going to so enjoy watching Coach-brainless get all huffy next week. Take that, ya moron. Maybe it’s not a thousand cuts, but three is a good start.

They didn’t need Sierra’s vote. If she voted for someone else, it still would have been four for Tyson, three for Sierra, and one for someone else. J.T. said something about not telling Sierra. It generally seems that Sierra is getting the “Sugar” edit, because it seems like no one likes her, for whatever reason.
What really annoyed me about Coach/Tyson this episode was the fact that they kept saying that they were getting rid of Sierra because she voted for Coach. Except they had put this plan into motion three episodes ago and had three people vote for Sierra just in case Brendan used the Idol. All that complaining about Sierra not owning up to her decision and they wouldn’t own up to theirs.

I’ve wanted him to go both of these times just for everyone to see that he knows nothing about rafting or martial arts.

Ditto - Coach showing those pansy-ass dancer/fighters what’s what would have been gold. That, or Coach falling out of the kayak in the earlier reward.

Gah, my bad. I still think Tyson would have beaten her up with a puppy, if need be.

Yeah, I was somewhat surprised by JT’s “she’s a lying bitch” comment, I’m not sure where his animosity came from. And, yeah, it seems everybody hates Sierra, but not enough to take her to the end to be a beanbag for the jury. Maybe she should kick a puppy or something.