Survivor 4/23/09

I was so busy rolling on the floor laughing my ass off at the end I forgot to watch the credits for who voted for whom – who was the third vote against Sierra?

Also, I’ve always wondered – does Jeff pull the votes out in truly random order, or does a producer or someone arrange them for maximum dramatic effect?

I assume the three votes against Sierra were Tyson, Coach, and their lapdog Debbie.

I think the votes are shown for maximum effect. I assume they pull them in order but then have Jeff film whatever additional footage is necessary to, miraculously, have it come down to the last vote.

Yeah, I figured as much, but it just fit his character so well in that it sounded pretentious as all get out.

I love seeing people on Survivor talk about playing a noble game by being upfront and not lying. It shows a clear misunderstanding of the essence of the game of Survivor, in my opinion. Lying isn’t cheating - it’s a big part of the game and it’s completely fair to employ it as a tactic. That’s like saying you want to play a noble game of football so you won’t be passing the ball.

From what I understand in previous seasons, once the votes are cast, they take the container back with the producers. They all look at the votes and decide what is the most dramatic way to present them to the Survivors. They said that the lag inbetween votes being cast and being revealed can be as much as 45 minutes. I don’t remember where I saw this, maybe the Survivor special from VH1 a couple of years back?

Love It!!


I think JT just cost himself a million dollars.
He’d probably already lost Brendan’s vote and possibly Sierra’s, now he’s lost Tyson’s, Coach’s and Debbie’s.
And that would be assuming he got to the final two. As things stand now, I wouldn’t be a bit surprised if Erinn goes back with Coach, Debbie and possibly Sierra and vote JT off next episode.

Seconded. Coach…this isn’t 16th century Japan. You are not playing to ensure the highest karma levels; you’re playing Survivor, for a million dollars.

Does anything come out of Coach’s mouth that isn’t 100% bullshit? Like his morning standing-in-the-water-posing ritual…that’s only passed down orally if you spend time in a Tibetan monastery? Holy crap. Is he even a soccer coach?

However, the 2nd-biggest idiot of the night was Sierra, who received a miracle straight from heaven, totally undeserved. She could’ve spent 3 days working on alliances. She could’ve found the bottom of the “warrior” pecking order, and pointed out that they will be voted off next week, whereas I (Sierra) will take you to the Final 3. And that this is the perfect and perhaps only opportunity to blindside Tyson. You know…actually play the game. Instead, she spent her time whining and apologizing for what she did – which consisted solely of backing the losing side in a power play.

I don’t know. For one, everyone turned, so unless he’s with Coach or Debbie in the end, they all made the same choice. For two, no one here ever seems to be real angry, even Tyson’s voted out speech made it seem like he almost respected the decision. And frankly, everyone loves J.T.

Undoubtedly for maximum effect. I had assumed that they reorder them before pulling them out, but that is only an assumption. It seems much easier than to have to re-edit. And would you be able to get the appropriate expressions on the players’ faces unless the votes really did come out in the order that we see?

Note that the first votes counted are pretty much always those that they show when the contestant actually writes the vote. That would mean that they have to decide which of the ones they are going to show before they then do the counting of the votes. Or maybe they do edit to make them come out first.

Why would she do that? She’s on the winning side now – it couldn’t be clearer that Coach is next.

We’ll, she probably can’t beat J.T., and possibly even Stephen or Taj. She’s got a better chance against Coach or Debbie in the end.

This episode made me sort of sad. Sure Sierra doesn’t seem to be too sharp, but she seems like a nice enough person and definitely doesn’t seem to deserve to be treated so horribly. I was especially disappointed in JT. What had she done to deserve being called a lying bitch? Didn’t JT tell Brandon and Sierra he would vote for Coach last week and then go back on his word? I just felt so uncomfortable for Sierra.

Survivor needs a set of rules for contestants like the Amazing Race threads have.

And if Rule #1 in TAR is “Read the clue! And then read it again!”, Rule #1 in Survivor should be “If you’re in an alliance, everybody else probably is too, so don’t talk about integrity.” followed closely by “Do not make potential jury members cry” and “Learn how to make fire before you leave.”

Coach fails all three.

And “just because you have an alliance today doesn’t mean you’ll have it tomorrow.” Peoples priorities change after every immunity challenge and every TC.

Coach blew that, too.

Sierra’s edit hasn’t portrayed her as a bad person. Not a very clever person, but not a bad person.

Episodes like this one are the reason I keep watching. The expressions they caught during the reading of the votes were priceless. Even if they switched around the timing for cinematic effect.

One of the greatest episodes of Survivor ever.

I hope Stephen wins the million bucks because he’s shrewd enough to knock off the stronger competitors while still remaining likeable. Even had Tyson continued on with the game, he seemed incapable of suppressing his inner asshole to appease those who would ultimately decide whether or not to give him the million bucks. And he calls Sierra an idiot. Maybe being calorie deprived made him bitchy.

Tyson saying, “I love when people dance before the competition is over” was awesome in light of what happened.

Jeff calling Coach out on his faulty “I want to bring Warriors with me” logic when he voted Brandon out was awesome. And in the previews for next week, he is trying to pin down Sierra to be loyal to him even though he did nothing to keep her in the game.

Debbie alternated between being likeable (at the Reward challenge) to being bitch (to Sierra). I think she was a fool for trusting in Coach because it’s quite clear to me that Coach has women issues. He has a barely hidden contempt for them, only softening when they cry because it appeals to his chivalrous side. Trouble is chivalry died with the pilgrimages. There was no way she would have made it to the Final Four with Coach calling the shots.

I, too, wonder what Sierra has done to have earned such universal hatred. I was rooting for her to win the immunity challenge, just to watch the others throw up their pizza, but this was so much more satisfying.

Erinn and JT both seem to know when to flip and when to stay loyal. She’s smart but she’s alienated herself from Debbie and Coach. He’s a good competitor and affable enough to earn votes in the finals.

I’m personally hoping for Taj, Sierra, Erinn and Stephen to be in the Final Four. The 4 underdogs duke it out.

They have (at least) two angles on the person casting the vote – one a frontal, and one over-the-shoulder. So they can choose to show the name being written, show the name being displayed to the camera with the voter’s comments, show the ballot from behind so the audience hears the comments but doesn’t see the name, or show the pen hit the paper and then the ballot being put into the box without any comment or showing of the name. Afterward they can choose the shot to complement the ballot-reading.

Another stupidity for Coach, announcing that ‘warrior’ alliance or whatever he called it. Hello? Did you realize at that point half of the players are women? Why should any of them want to be ‘loyal’ to you when you’ve as good as announced they’re bottom of the list?

I would bet that this episode’s winning alliance won’t consider Sierra to be a member, unless she can get a whole lot better at lobbying and making friends. if Coach and Debra go next, Sierra will probably follow. But the alliance lines have been pretty fluid lately, so who knows?