Survivor 10.07.09 [Spoilers abound]

Ben & Yasmin, sitting in Sequesterville, k-i-s-s-i-n-g.

I’m sure this has been obvious to everyone since, oh, Survivor: Outback – but I think the editors/producers need to change up the vote reading. It’s pretty obvious that at some point the votes will be tied. After that point, the next person named will be the bootee.

I’ve never been averse to cutesy nicknames for the Survivor contestants. In fact, I like them. I guess I’m not part of the “we”.

Well, I don’t mind if they are obvious and original.

Jesus, is the nickname war going to start up again? Honestly, who gives a shit? If you think they’re stupid (which I agree with), don’t use them. If those that do use them find themselves in the minority, thye’ll quickly stop if they want to be part of the conversation.

I didn’t steal it from anywhere - it’s a pretty obvious connection.