Survivor 10/16

That ball game seemed random. I don’t think the blockers really had a strong chance to block the thing.

I will give props to Randy for yelling, “Freeze, Ace!” Good for him. Sugar was too quiet.

Whew, G.C. is gone

Fang is quite possibly the *dumbest *team to ever play Survivor.

I thought Sugar was gone. She felt confident enough not to play the idol. We know how well that worked in the past.

Yeah, me too. Especially considering that GC is a pretty good athlete and she isn’t. But if you think about it, it made sense, so obviously Fang’s going to do the opposite.

That reward challenge was kind of hard to follow, with all that fruit flying through the air and bats swinging and whatnot.

Elephant! :eek:

I’m so tired of the freakin’ Fang tribe. They keep losing, so we keep getting episodes centered on them. There are Koto tribe members that have hardly said three words onscreen since the season began. I wanna learn more about the physics guy, damnit! I know it’s just a matter of time until we get to know Koto better, but I wish we could just go ahead and get rid of the rest of Fang all at once. (except for Sugar–I like looking at her :))

I was disappointed that we didn’t get our weekly scene of Charlie giddily expressing his love for Marcus. :frowning:

You must have missed the massive man-affection between Marcus and Charlie after they won the reward challenge. I think Marcus kissed Charlie’s shoulder…it was sweet and really weird.

These people are the most boring group I can remember. We had better see Sugar tits or witness an elephant stomping a player in the next 2 episodes or I’m gonna be pissed!

Ahh, I was assembling some furniture while I watched/listened, so I guess I did miss that. I’ve still got it on my DVR, though, so I may rewatch.

MrsSqueegee and I watched it. We were both absolutely sure that the Fang players would try to vote off Sugar, right until the very end of TC. And then Sugar did not play the idol.

Knowing these editors very well, I looked at MrsSqueegee and said, “Oh, shit… G.Cs going home.” And sure enough, that’s what happened.

What a bunch of idiots those four (four, right?) are. Was there any down side for them in voting for Sugar?? I was trying to work out what would happen if Sugar played the idol. Traditionally, we’d get a fire-starting contest, right? Would it have been between G.C. and Kelly (1 vote each) ? Was that the downside for that group? If so, they’d still be up in numbers against the two-person alliance of Sugar and Ace, whether GC or Kelly left. I’m tired, so perhaps I’m missing a subtlety; if so, please clue me.

Stampy the elephant was cool.

If Sugar played the idol, GC would still be the one voted off, since he had the most votes for him. If, hypothetically, Sugar played the idol and had the most votes, then the idol would save her, and the person with the second highest number of votes would get the boot.

There would only be a fire starting contest if there was a tie for the second highest amount of votes.

Ok, thanks for the clarification. I’m a little rusty on the Survivor rules of engagement.

So, then there was no down side to voting for Sugar – GC would still be gone, and Sugar would have no idol, and Sugar and Ace would be the smallest alliance on the Fang tribe, and in deep shit. Am I missing something?

That original Fang is a bunch of idiots and slackers?

And G.C. was NOT “pretty athletic”. He slacked more in challenges than ANYONE. We’ve seen him simply stop and rest in the middle of immunity challenges.

This was the first episode that I’ve watched for this season and I’m a little confused. My first question was why they didn’t vote for Sugar but the consensus seems to be that they’re a bunch of dumbasses. My other question is how did Sugar have all of the fruit on Exile Island? Is the hut the whole island? A little help please.

There was probably some stuff that happened that got edited out that would explain why former Fang didn’t vote Sugar. I am at a loss as to what it is.

At Exile Island, there is a small hut built on a pier in a small lake. Sugar can choose “Comfort” or “Clue”. She had previously chosen to open the “Clue” gourd and used it to find the individual immunity idol. Since she now has the idol, she chooses “Comfort” each time, which contains the key to the locked hut. Inside the hut, there was originally a single lone apple, then a bowl of fruit, and now a lot of fruit. The amount of fruit appears to increase with each subsequent visit.

Exile “Island” this season isn’t an island, it’s an area around that lake/river. When the exiled person gets there, they have a choice of “Clue” or “Comfort”. If they pick “Clue” then the usual Exile Island stuff begins and they have a chain of clues to follow. If they pick “Comfort”, they get the key to that hut (hereafter and forever known as “the Sugar Shack”) with the hammock and the food and beverage.

Sending Sugar back to Exile every time seems to actually be strategically sound. You have to figure she has the idol, so now you just keep her from bonding with anybody. That will eventually force the idol back into circulation, where you have a shot at it.

I just searched around for her nude scenes. Not a bad rack at all. Too bad we’ll never see any of it on Survivor.

RE: Marcus kissing Charlie’s shoulder
I’m actually pretty sure he was eating the remnants of a piece of fruit off of it which makes it both less and more homoerotic when compared to a kiss.

RE: The lack of footage explaining the GC vote off rationale
Did you look at his eyes during the tribal council? That was a man completely dead in the Survivor world. I’d be willing to bet there is footage making it abundantly clear he told them to vote him off or he was gone anyway because that man looked like a corpse sitting there until he knew for sure he could go home. Cruel jerk that I am I still would have kept him around to flush out the idol, but I guess they went with GCs wishes.

I’m not sure the four are as stupid as it might appear on the surface. I’m guessing they were probably scared that Sugar wouldn’t use the idol and would actually be voted out - or (this is assuming a lot of them) that Sugar -would- use the idol, but would have worked it out with Ace beforehand to vote for one of them, and thus Crystal, Ken, Kelly, or Matty would have been out. They were in a difficult situation, and it could have gone wrong for the four of them in many ways. They were better off sticking with voting out the useless GC, IMO.

Sugar isn’t using the idol particularly well, but it’s so powerful that she’s still hanging around because of it. As long as her tribemates are too uncertain to pull off a blindside, she’s safe.

GC seemed to be cracking up. It was better off getting him out.

GC said that he wanted to be sent home right after they got back to camp after the immunity challenge. In the past this has usually been more than enough reason to vote someone out. Disappearing right before the immunity challenge probably didn’t win him any votes either.