Survivor 10/30: It All Depends On The Pin-Up Girl

Courtesy spoiler-defeating post. See next one.

So, double elimination. Blindsiding and vote-switching and the Bob superslowmotion backstab is initiated.

Sugar ain’t stupid. Matty’s got to be feeling a bit of a chill. Although I’d love to see Crystal go. She’s not the only passive-aggressive tribemember, but she’s the best at it. “I told you to eat my share…AND THEN YOU DID!”

So what’s up with Corinne? “I hate her! Vote her out!” And then she votes for Dan? Turn on a dime much?

I think they did the strategic split voting, some vote for Dan, the real target, some vote for Suzie. That way, if Dan does have the Hidden Immunity Idol, as some were concerned about, the one with the next amount of votes is Suzie.

I can’t believe I’m typing this, but geez, I’ve got to thank the pin-up girl for getting rid of the annoyance that was Ace.

Yeah, good play by Sugar. I’m really liking her–and not just because she makes my pants go crazy.
Kenny’s playing smart, too. He gradually gained Sugar’s trust and even though Kenny wasn’t in the line of fire this week, he made a move and improved his position rather than just playing it safe and remaining 4th man on the Fang totem pole.

Looks like the teams merge next week? I wonder if Fang will get Pagonged? Suzie’s the only outlier on Koto, unless Bob gets wise.

I can’t believe Susie flat out told Corinne that she had been planning on voting for her! What an incredibly stupid thing to do.

Yeah, jayjay, what the hell is up with Corinne? Her “Suzie!! Waaark! I hatehatehate! Squawk!” thing was just out there. That was a bizarre turnaround.

I’m trying to figure out the dynamics on that tribe – the voting was 3/3 for Dan v Suzie, and the “ruling” figures seemed surprised. My only theory is yours, that they split the vote because of Dan’s possible hidden idol. I’ve seen this strategy talked about endlessly over the survivor seasons, but I can’t say that I’ve ever seen a team split the vote for this reason, so I’m skeptical.

I seriously don’t like Mattie. He’s Mister Angry Man at all times, always upset about something, since day one, and I’m very tired of his shit.

I also seriously don’t like Crystal, but she’s just nuts in general. Her act last week, suddenly needing to catch up to Ace and Sugar in the jungle to reassure them that she’s not a fruitcake for crying after a challenge clinched it for me. Crystal’s got issues, bigtime.

I am so glad Ace is gone.

Recall that Corinne introduced us to herself with the “I’m gonna be a total bitch and I’m gonna get rid of who I have to get rid of and I’m gonna laugh when people cry” talking head in the season opener. She kind of comes off as Randy but with more nervous energy and less game. I think it’s likely that she’s not so much unstable but rather intentionally playing an exaggerated character of herself based on watching *Survivor * on TV all these years.

Or, maybe she’s just nuts.

WTF is up with lawyer-guy who wears a coat and tie to TC? That guy is so freakin’ insecure, I can’t imagine how he functions in real life. I, too, think Kenny is the guy to watch-- he’s just paranoid enough to play a good game, but not so paranoid that it shows. And, he does pretty well in the ICs. As a smaller guy, he’s going to have a leg up in any balancing/endurance challenges. He and Sugar could make a dangerous alliance. Marcus is doing great, but he’s toast as soon as they merge if he doesn’t solidify his alliance and/or get an immunity alliance.

What was the big deal about spilling the uncooked rice? I mean, scoop it up, and any dirt will be washed away when they wash the rice. They are washing the rice before cooking, aren’t they?

This is Marcus posing with some of his mom’s students last week. My daughter is the girl on the far left.

ETA: Crap! It’s tiny!

I get an “enlarge” button when I hover the cursor over it for a couple of seconds. I think that’s built into IE.

I loved the set up and blind side by the pin up girl! From the couch, it was easy to see that the biggest threat on that tribe was Ace. Until you take the edit into account, it is hard to see why the players didn’t see this.

The wink and blown kiss with the display of her vote was just perfect.

I think this has been brought up before either here or on TWOP, but it really hit me last night. If Michael Cera, in 2015, built a time machine and came back to 2008 to be on Survivor, he’d be Dan. The man LOOKS like Cera, acts like pretty much every one of Cera’s characters…he IS older Michael Cera.

I’m totally rooting for Kenny this time. He’s such a geek and he’s one of the smarter ones of the bunch. I also hope he scores with Sugar. :smiley:

Did anyone notice that Sugar’s vote was partially blurred out?

She wrote “Ace -” and then there was a blurred out word. I’m thinking it was “Hole”. Which is kinda funnier than I would expect from her.

When they passed out the letters from home to Kota at their picnic, it looked like Randy didn’t get one. I’ve read that he has a brother but hasn’t talked to him in years, and also that he really doesn’t have any friends. Couldn’t they have found someone to write him a letter? I know he’s a curmudgeon but that just seems really sad.

I am beginning to appreciate Sugar more and more. And Kenny (if he can survive, OMG what do you think his BMI is? way too thin). Looks like a merge next week, is the HII still in play after they merge?

Thank you jayjay!

First thing I thought of. Crystal could spend the day picking grains of rice out of the dirt and putting them back in the box…it’s not like she has any more pressing engagements.

Pixillated skinny-dipping next week!

I’m gonna have to disagree with the (unanimous?) majority here and say that Sugar made a stupid move. She was in a three-person alliance with Ace and Matty (possibly 4 including Ken). Now she is in a three-person alliance with Ken and Crystal. How is this an improvement?

Ken has shown himself to be every bit as manipulative as Ace and much more likely to flip at the merge. Ace couldn’t go anywhere with his vote - he was tied to Sugar and was protecting her - the easiest person in the world to blindside. Matty has sworn to Ace on his girlfriend and didn’t seem to ever really consider voting against Ace. That was as solid a threesome as you can get in this game.

I think Sugar’s best chance to go far was to make it to the merge with four (her, Ace, Matty, Kenny), and hope that they can get a flipper (Sue?) or somehow use the idol to get a majority. Now it is more likely they will merge with three and everyone will know that Sugar has the idol. Even if they do somehow win next week they go in with a much weaker foursome, because nobody can trust Crystal and it’s less likely one of them will win individual immunity.

I think Sugar really screwed up her game this week. It’s the kind of move that looks (and feels) smart because it was sneaky, but really just puts a huge target on you and weakens your chances to actually win the game.

I agree, and ACE was a leader in challenges.

I am suprised that supposed Olympic Champion has done so poorly.

I agree with you. I was telling my wife last night that Sugar was a moron for believing Kenny’s BS and she just cost herself her best chance in the game.