Survivor: Gabon Finale 12/14/2008

Well, tonight’s the night. A big, 3-hour finale(2 hour show and 1 hour reunion).

I haven’t the slightest idea who will win, but I’m hoping the final placings go like this:

  1. Bob
  2. Sugar
  3. Kenny
  4. Matty
  5. Suzie

Matty and Suzie would make for the least memorable winners since Vecepia.

Bob would be right up there with Yul and Tom as very likable winners. Kenny would be one of the least predictable winners ever and Sugar would be a pretty good winner, though not particularly amazing.


If Kenny can somehow get out of his current predicament, he deserves the million, cockiness or no.

I’d be hesitant to put Bob in the same tier as Tom or Yul, just because those two definitely had a strategic brain on them. Bob has mostly floated through the game and hasn’t shown much merit beyond camp-life and challenge-wise, IMO.

I think Sugar would be a great winner both story-wise (her father’s death) and strategy-wise (who knew that the blond actress would be such a force to be reckoned with?).

Kenny for top 3? No, no, no – I hate that weaselly little prick. I’d be happy with either Sugar or Bob winning – I don’t give a shit whether it’s strategy or intuition, they’ve made it one of the best seasons ever – and hope Matty is the third finalist, just because he’s not Kenny or Susie.

Matty wins immunity, Kenny goes.

Matty wins immunity, Bob goes.

Jury piks between Matty and Sugar. Matty wins.

Suzie gets no votes.

Corrine and Randy try to outdo Sue Hawks speech, but fail.

Ace is an asshole at the reunion show.

I’m gonna be happy with anyone other than Suzie winning, but I would prefer Bob or Sugar winning with the other one being Fan favorite.

I think Sugar is the first person to ever come in going “They’re going underestimate me” and have everyone actually did underestimate her. Hell, she found the idol on her first shot and no one on the other tribe believed she could have found it after 6 trips.

The fact that he’s a 57 year old science teacher (with a bow tie!) and a challenge monster should put him in the top tier. And every other player knows he’s a challenge monster.

That’s just awesome.

Crystal too.

Got it all figured out eh?

Actually, I don’t think so. If you watch the Ponderosa videos on the CBS website, you see that Crystal actually took the boot with a lot of class and grace. She admitted she had been outplayed, and that was that.

The others, on the other hand, are BITTER with a capital B. (Gave Crystal the silent treatment…very junior high.) Can’t wait for the reunion to see it all come out.

ETA: The show is running late due to Football. Set your recording devices accordingly!

I really just mean that I like Bob about as much as those two winners, if not more. My favorite player of all time, though, was the Yaoman, who I wish had won.

Spoiler for final immunity challenge:

Well, that’s a wasted spot in the final three. Will they do the smart thing and get rid of Bob?

Suzie needs to STFU.

Matty goes .Sugar ,Suzie and Bob in the final.
They are all kind of likable.

Suzie so doesn’t deserve to be there.

I like Corinne’s statement that if you take away her meanness, she would have no personality.

Do these reality show bitches come out of a mold?

Hey, Corinne, if you don’t stop scowling you’ll end up with a sour puss like Randy.

I’m glad Bob is still in it. I think he’s sure to win, now, but you’ve got to give Sugar props for keeping things interesting! A Sugar win would be justified due to some of the bold maneuvering she pulled off and making it to the final 3 without really having any solid alliance. I hope Suzie gets zero votes. I feel bad for Matty because you know he had to be thinking he had the best shot at a million out of him, Suzie, and Sugar.

If only Corinne would get her vocal cords removed.

God, Randy is an asshole.

Matty looks like Willem Dafoe in Platoon.