Survivor: Gabon 10/9 - "It Was Like Christmas Morning!" [SPOILERS LIKELY]

And so we meet again, my friends, to point and laugh and heckle at these bozos in spectacular high definition. Previously on Survivor: Michelle and Gillian and Paloma were voted out; Randy and Ace and GC talked to much; and we all fell a little bit in love with Bob “Nye” the Physics Teacher Guy. And there were monkeys and elephants and challenges and Fang sucked a little at first, and then they didn’t, and Jeff wore a hat. Links to previous threads for reference: Week 1 Week 2. Whoo hoo!

What about the hippos? The hungry, hungry hippos? I long for the day when a hippo swims under a boat and capsizes it. Give me my hippos!

headsmack I forgot about the hippos, dammit! I am so ashamed.

FARKING TIVO! “Survivor” is not recording tonight. I am counting on you guys to spill. “Software upgrade” my tuchus – DirecTV is in cahoots with the Phillies to give me a seizure. Like I need the help.

GC is in huge trouble. Nobody wants him anymore!

Fang keeps voting out people who actually work and do well at challenges and they’re going to be starving by Day 20. That will be SO cool!

I figure Crystal should feed the others for at least 3 days. Ken, on the other hand, would have to serve as toothpicks.

I’m normally very good at distinguishing faces, and I don’t lump all “skinny blondes” together like some Survivor watchers, but I was really having trouble with Jacquie and Kelly tonight, especially as tribal council drew near and the editing kept switching back and forth between their efforts to sway votes. Very confusing.

That water lacrosse challenge seemed like a good idea, but wound up being pretty lame since only 3 or 4 people actually did anything and the rest paddled in circles or just watched. I noticed during the challenge when one of the contestants flipped his raft that it had a large keel on the underside. I wonder if some of them were trying to paddle their raft perpendicular to the direction their keel was facing.

I thought it was funny when they ranked each other and Crystal was behind Randy. He looked SO pleased with himself and she obviously was really pissed.

Man, Ace really got some speed going when he laid down and paddled. If he done that earlier so he could get to the ball first, (and someone else had done it to get in scoring position) it might have turned that game around. Did anyone else notice Bob giving Matty a big push to start his race for the ball?

I have decided that all of the contestants are total losers, and the only way to redeem the season is for Sugar to get naked in the next challenge. Anything less will not do.

But what else could they do? Kelly was right, if they voted her out, that’s just leaving a big three alliance right in plain sight and no way to stop it.

Oh, I’m not complaining! Like I said, that’ll be SO COOL!

Seriously, the one thing I absolutely cannot stand on this show is people who don’t work, don’t have the slightest idea of how to survive in the wild at all, don’t WANT to work or know how to survive in the wild, but who then act like they’ve been mortally insulted when someone who might actually have some idea what he’s doing suggests something that anyone with common sense can see is true. Their reactions to Randy, who was right about the rice and the one meal a day, irked me to a degree that made me almost scream.

I have to agree on the Jacquie and Kelly confusion - I could barely distinguish between them - Jacquie had more cheekbones and her hair was in braids, Kelly wore a ponytail… but they looked very much like each other. And the show didn’t help me much to care who was who – I skipped all the politicking after the IC, and just watched the final vote. Woo! Whatshername is toast! Feh.

How about the previews from next week – elephant(s) attack trees while a tribe watches! GC is missing (eaten by elephants or monkeys)! Sweet!!

Amen. Ameeeeen. Except I like some of the people left. But still, amen.

Yeah, that is pretty much a guarantee for me to hate a particular Survivor when they don’t do anything and then bitch about the person that actually knows what they’re doing. I did like Randy’s point, that’s why it’s called Survivor dumbos you can’t eat three meals a day every day and expect to have enough food to last you.

I liked the episode but I feel like we didn’t get very much development time on anyone. Seemed rushed for some reason.

Was it just my perception, or did Charlie practically float over to the mat when he was picked to be on Marcus’s tribe again? That man is seriously crushing.

And I’m fairly certain that Ace’s fake accent took a quick grand tour of England tonight, too.

Oh god, yes to both!

If you noticed during Ace’s confessional during the tribe switch, he actually completely lost his English accent for a second. I laughed so hard I missed what he actually said. And as soon as Charlie was picked they cut to a confessional where he was professing his love for Marcus again. It really wouldn’t surprise me if those two crazy kids make it work.

yeah, but she was still taller than him, even standing on a lower step.

That had to be the Worst Challenge Ever. Probably seemed like a good idea on paper…didn’t work in the water, though.

The format of the ranking challenge was weird, too. They went off alone and filled out forms. Then they producers ranked them on the posts, and they showed us in a medium shot what the ranks were. Then…they went through them one-by-one? Why? We’ve already seen the ranking.

I thought maybe they’d use two different criteria or something.

I’m having a little trouble getting into this season, but maybe it is just early. There seem to be a lot of non-entities and useless people this time around. I do see a number of interesting people among the remaining, so I hope they can stick around to the merge.

One interesting thing is that there are a few Survivor stereotypes that seem to be missing - the “leader”, the jerk (although there are some contenders), the "bimbo (ditto), the “mastermind”, and the “musclehead.”

Does anyone remember that lame pirate reality show that got cancelled midway through? There was a bald white guy with a fake British accent on that, IIRC. Hmmm…

Azmyth. No, I didn’t watch Pirate Master after the first episode (because it SUCKED!) but they’re talking about him over on the TWOP Survivor board, in reference to Ace’s accent.

I think Charlie is our Mastermind, but it’s easy to be a mastermind when you only go to one tribal. I’m afraid GC will stick around and go fairly far. I think he’s our Jerk(the one everyone wants to sit next to at the final 2 or 3), and Susie is our FutR. She’s in with a good group, and it doesn’t look like she will have to do anything to piss anyone else off. So of course, no one will want to sit next to her at the end.

I think Randy is playing an interesting game, he rubbed me the wrong way early on, but now he seems so much more reasonable than everyone else.

I think the 4some of Charlie, Marcus, Corrine and Bob (taking the place of Kelly, right?) will stick together for a long time. In theory, they have to survive 4 more ICs total, but only 1 to be sure they don’t get broken up.