Survivor 3/6

Make your predictions here.

I think if the boys lose the IC, Matt will be voted out since Daniel painted a big old bullseye on his back last week.

The girls are a little harder. I think Christy will be around for a while, so not her. I think the thing with Shawna is being blown up too much, so not her either. Maybe (I hope) Joanna.

What do you think ?

I’ll go with the female team losing everything and Joanna getting the boot. I base that on hours of finely crafted guesswork and coin flipping.

Girls win reward, and then lose IC which requires that each team piss their names in the sand. Guys nearly lose when they are distracted by comparing dick size. Women cry foul over nature of challenge, but for Jenna who welcomes the opportunity to moon the guys. Jeff needs to remind Heidi that to urinate she should remove her bottom, not her top. Girls vote out Deena.

Well, at least that’s what I’d LIKE to happen.

Since the previews emphasize Shawna cracking up and breaking down, there’s no way she gets booted tonight–red herring all the way. I’ve got my points on Joanna heading to Loser Lodge. If the men lose immunity again, then I’d have to toss a coin between Alex and Matthew. Roger the Bigot’s time is coming, but not yet.

And from the previews, it looks to me like Alex gets bitten by a piranah during the fishing challenge. I think I’m going to like this challenge. :slight_smile:

My guess, from the previews it looks like the men win the reward challenge and feast on fish. This might get the men on a winning streak, being better fed and fish being brain food and all, so they win IC as well. The women boot Joanna, thus the Boob Alliance and the not-as-cute-alliance will be evenly matched for next week’s episode.

Iced tea. All over my keyboard. :wink:
Damn. Too funny, Dinsdale.

In the TV section of the newspaper this morning, it said one team goes off on a trek, pointedly leaving behind one vulnerable member, who then plots a new strategy by themself. No mention of gender, so I’d say it’s not the women. Too much of a red herring on it being Christy.

Minor spoiler or tease:

Supposedly, Jeff Probst said in an interview that something they’ve expected to happen in previous Survivors happens this week. He hints that either someone quits or asks to be voted out. After the previews of Shawna being sick and complaining last week, I don’t know what to think. That footage of her being sick and complaining could be a red herring.

ABT says that the boys win both challenges and Joanna goes tonight

Just a heads up…
Dubya is speaking tonight at 8:00, so for those taping, reset your VCRs or TIVOs or whatever.

I assume CBS will show Survivor in full after Dubya gets done yakking, since CSI and Without A Trace were both repeats tonight anyway.

I think the guys will pull it off tonight. For no particular reason.

As opposed to the girls literally “pulling it off” last week?

ARGH! Is that 8:00 EST? Meaning, if it’s shown live across the country, will we on the West Coast get it at 5:00PM so I don’t have to worry about it interfering with my taping Survivor?

Well, that sucks.

Unfortunately, I think they delay the broadcast so that Dubya can hose up prime time equally across this great nation of ours. I remember one of his speeches messing up Survivor here on the west coast last year. The local listings don’t reflect any speech, but I’m sure we’ll get it at 8:00.

For this night only, you must take a drink whenever Joanna or the President gives a shout out to God.

It’s 8:00 EST.
I don’t know about the west coast. Isn’t it usually live all across the country? He just screws up those of us in the East, right?

It’s 8:00 EST.
I don’t know about the west coast. Isn’t it usually live all across the country? He just screws up those of us in the East, right?

I’ve just been informed that it will be broadcast live, and therefore is on at 5:00PM PST (WHEW!). Confirmation on the front page of the LA Times website ( ):

Survivor is on now (here anyway).

I dunno about Heidi. Does she really believe the stuff she says?

WTF? Shawna voted for Christy?!?!?!

I missed that one but I’ll add it to the rest of the list of WTF moves we saw this week.

Heidi: A woman who’s actually succeeded in lowering the stereotypical opinions held about the intelligence of of blonde bimbos and/or high school gym teachers.

Jenna: Looks to Heidi for leadership. May be the only woman in America too dumb to be a swimsuit model.

Shawna: If I have it straight, she was betrayed by all her friends who refused to vote against her and attacked by all her enemies who voted for her. Way too confusing.

Jeanne: Next week’s order of toast.

Deena: Stupid move. It should be obvious that when Heidi, Jenna, and Shawna all approach you, they’ve already formed their alliance and are bringing you along as the extra vote and future sacrifice. You have no chance of infiltrating that group and taking over. But targeting Joanna was even dumber. Once Christy was in the alliance you would have had a safe 4-2 majority even if Shawna was voted out. Plus you would have reduced the “cute girl” inner circle from three to two. Plus you would have kept Joanna instead of Shawna around for the next two challenges.

Christy: Not much to say about her this week. Played as well as she could with the losers she’s stuck with.

Meanwhile on the other side of the river, the guys seem to be getting their act together. With Ryan and Dan gone, the testaseronic stupidity of the first few days seems to have mellowed. Matthew is recovering well from his early mistake of picking the wrong alliance. Dave seems to have stepped out of the shadows this week and become a featured player; this indicates he has some big role in upcoming episodes.

I’m wondering about next week’s “date”. Are they going to have a merge this early? If they do, then Jamburu’s already bizarre politics will be further upset and cuteness might become the deciding advantage.