Survivor 3-19 (It's on a day early)

My apologies if I again missed an existing thread. If nothing else, I can claim I’m posting a timely reminder that the show’s been moved up a day.

I’m also going to skip ahead to next week and analyze the TV Guide description for the 3-26 episode.

In my opinion, there’s only two pairs of players close enough to be “distraught” by the loss of another player: Jenna & Heidi and Alex & Shawna. So you have to figure one of these four will go this week.

If the blurb is accurate, it wouldn’t be Jenna or Heidi; they’re not currently team members. But on the other hand, I can’t see any realistic scenario that will see Alex voted off this week, nor do I see Alex being all that distraught if he loses Shawna. So my speculation is that the blurb is not completely right. Proceeding from this, I’m going to speculate that Dave, Rodger, and Butch join up with Christy and then boot Heidi after losing another immunity challenge.

I’m also going to put in an early guess that next week’s reward challenge will be a “rescue signal” challenge and that Shawna and Jenna strip down to get attention for it.

I’m wondering if it’ll be on at all, tomorrow night, with it being 48 hours from Bush’s speech at all. It might end up being pre-empted. Does anyone else think so, or am I just being paranoid?

If Survivor doesn’t air, the terrorists have already won!!!

I would love to believe that, because I like Christy, but I have doubts…

I can’t see Dave moving against Heidi at this point, knowing how easily he can manipulate her.

But Butch seems quite charmed by Christy. And according to the previews, he gets even closer to her this week. So maybe he will push for including her in their allinace. Maybe he can convince Roger, and then Dave would have no choice but to go along…

We’ll see. I’d be happy if Heidi got the boot tomorrow.

No, I don’t think you are being paranoid. Should it be the case that we aren’t already at war by 8pm, I’m sure the networks will break in to let us know that the 48 hours are up.


My vote goes to Shawna getting the boot (assuming her tribe loses). Her female tribemates are probably a little mad at her woe is me attitude becoming pure glee when Alex showed up. The guys have no reason to be on her side. Hooking up with Alex marks them as an obvious pair to split up.

They’re playing with us again-
One promo tells us about one player being distraught about the ouster of another, which automatically leads to the conclusion that either Shawna or Alex goes. But, they’re distraught this week, while the love fest is growing between Alex, Shawna an Skeletor-er, Matthew. I think that means Christy is the upset one, since Heidi-ho stabbed mean JeanJeanneGene in the back, and there may be a confrontation about that. Unfortunately, Deena is in a bad position, but she and Jenna and Rob might band together when faced with a triangle in the jungle. I think Dave is in trouble, too, because he’s gonna want to keep rapidly-deteriorating eye candy Heidi-ho around while Butch and Roger are actually capable of thinking with the big head and keeping Christy around, since she’ll actually work with her entire body, not just her chest.

They just have to postpone any news update until 9:00 PM PST. I gotta get up early tomorrow!

The previews show Christy being elated after one of the challenges, and the Jabbathehuts looking awfully dejected after another challenge. Thus, it looks like the yellow buffs are on their way to TC.

Previews have also focused on some kind of Alex-Shawna-Matt triangle. Looks like Matt has the hots for Shawna, but it’s unlikely to be reciprocated. That makes Matt the target of at least a jealous Alex, and in fact Alex tells Matt in one of the previews “My vote’s going for you.”

But Deena, Jenna, and Rob can’t possibly be happy with the Shawna-Alex bond, and they’ll want to break it up. Although they could do that by booting Shawna, that would put the women at a 3-2 disadvantage, so it’s not a wise move for Deena & Jenna. Better to join bring Rob into an alliance of convenience and join Matt in taking out Alex.

Bye bye, Alex.

Actually, that’s the CBS press release/TV Guide blurb for next week. More proof Alex is toast tonight, and that Shawna will be pining away next week. Alex is not going to be “distraught” if Shawna gets kicked. He’ll get over that pretty quickly.

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Well, of course, minty has it right. But I’ll say Shawna goes. If the other team goes to TC, Heidi goes byebye.

Thanks for the reminder. I had forgotten.

Don’t bet on me being right. Hell, I can’t even use spoiler tags correctly. Plus, I had the target painted on Shawna last week. Boy, was I surprised.

BTW, I think we have a winner in the Most Horrible Person Ever to Appear on Survivor contest. If you haven’t seen it yet, drop by and check out David B’s interview with JoAnna. Here’s a lowlight:

Man, what a piece of work.
Almost makes me wish she had stayed around longer just for dramatic possibilities and comic relief.

BTW, minty, I don’t see you crowing about your standings in the pool anymore. What gives? :wink:

What gives is I got taken in by Shawna last week! I’m still in the top 30, though. Where are you. :wink:

I think the C.C.S.W.S.P.C.D.V. (Coalition of Christians, Strong Women, Single Parents, and Children of Dorothy Vassell) needs to find a new spokesman.

I caught just a little bit of this, right before and as the Tribe was going into Tribal Council. I’m just not into it this time around, which is too bad, because it looks like it’s been really interesting. I didn’t even stick around for the vote.

/no point really, just bumping the thread.

I’m glad Shawna’s gone. God, what a lazy bitch. And to have both Matthew and Alex fawning over her. :rolleyes:

Three days ago she was begging to be voted out. There ya go, babe. Don’t let the palm fronds hit you in the ass on the way out.

And the previews for next week!

Oh, my eyes!

Bah. They just got past the reward challenge, and now CBS has broken in to tell us that nothing is happening yet in Iraq.

So Shawna’s gone, huh? Sounds good to me.

Yeah, 4-2.
Shawna and Alex voted for Matthew.

Wait till you see the previews for next week.

The girls go topless to distract the guys in an immunity challenge.