Survivor 3-19 (It's on a day early)

Yep, Here in the Mountain time zone we got half an episode of Survivor, and Dan Rather Jabber-jawing

So, the immunity challenge for next week looks like a post-merge individual challenge. Is it time for that yet?

How could you post here and not even comment of the GENIUS Immunity Challenge, the best one ever?

Making starving people dive at a piece of barbecued meat like a bunch of dogs for immunity.

Matt eating a piece that fell on the ground and got stepped on.

Roger kissing Heidi.

Shawna holding the giant meat in place with her face.

The inappropriate comments: “Bite the meat,” “There’s a lot of meat in the basket,” “Heidi, grab the meat,” etc.

Deena getting hit in the head with the swinging meat.

That was disgusting yet hilarious.

Looks like this was my worst week for predictions so far. In addition to my poor guesswork on who would win this week’s immunity, who would be voted off, and what next week’s RC would be, I can add the fact that I was figuring this week’s immunity was going to be a bug eater.

In my opinion, Rob has now overtaken Heidi in the coveted role of “Worst in Show”. Can anyone figure out exactly who he’s working with and what his plan is? He acts like he has a master plan but no one else seems to be in on it. He’s also exhibiting frightening levels of immaturity. I feel like I’m watching a brooding 15 year old sometimes. He’s got his best bud Alex but when he starts hanging out with a new girlfriend, Rob gets all jealous. Meanwhile he’s still mad at all the cool guys who didn’t let him hang out with him. And none of the cute girls want to pick his hair or flirt with him or nothing. Damn them all! He’ll show everybody!!! They’ll be upset and they’ll all wish they had been nicer to him!!!

Looking ahead to next week:

Topless, hell, it’s clear that Jenna and Heidi are going the full milly.

Woo! My station replayed the whole thing, so I caught the end.

Christy’s getting played like a two dollar fiddle. (Does that even make sense?) It’s too bad. She seems really insecure, and ready to latch on to anyone who’s willing to make the slightest effort to be nice to her or build her up. She just doesn’t have the suspicion or killer instinct she needs for this game.

Regarding next week’s episode:

[spoiler]Thank the Good Dude that this show is on Network TV. The sight of Heidious’ uncensored breasteses would likely be sufficient to turn me into a leg man.

Fiver - I assume since Heidi and Jenna were scheming to show their stuff at the same time, they’re still… hey wait a minute. They’re not on the same team anymore. Now I am confused![/spoiler]

Slacker - people are speculating it’s a post-merge individual competition, which would explain that.

Does anyone else think it’s bizarre that Shawna grabbed all the attention away from a BATHING SUIT MODEL?

I found it odd how all the men were trying for Shawna’s affection. You’d think they’d have realized the odds and maybe pawed at Jenna once or twice.

All in all, I’m glad to see Shawna. I didn’t want to have to watch another episode of her version of the Dating Game.

I’ve got mixed feelings about Shawna going. She was a whiny little airhead, but hey–she was a cute whiny little airhead.

I don’t find Jenna’s face all that attractive, but when they were all taking a bath together and she was in that bikini and she had her hair down… DAMN!

Heidi is looking really scary now.

I think Deena is my favorite player. You can tell the editors like her too, as she gets a lot of “face time” with the camera and she provides a well-spoken, insightful description of what’s going on in the game. She’s fairly low key, but she’s very observant about everything that’s going on and she’s actually playing the game (which some of them aren’t, really, until they’re faced with a tribal council)

If there IS a merge next week, possible alliances at this point could include Deena, Jenna, Heidi, Rob, and Matt as a group versus Roger, Butch, Alex, Dave and Christy. Basically the current tribes with Heidi and Alex swapping places. I don’t think Christy would have trouble breaking ties with the “girls alliance” that she voted with before now that she’s chummy with the guys on her tribe.


There is obviously a merge next week. My guess is that the new buffs are locked in the “secret boxes” each tribe received. Also, in the previews, it looked like Heidi was wearing a reddish buff, not the blue or yellow we have previously seen.

Good thinking, PsychoPirate. I’d like to second the notion that the immunity challenge last night was awesome/awful. Heidi going “Ow!” after Roger helped her get rid of the meat was pretty hilarious. Some of that meat really didn’t look cooked, so maybe the temptation to eat it was lessened a little. And when it hit Deena in the head? Priceless.

I have to admit, I never saw the Jenna appeal until last night. I still think she’s scarily emaciated, but she looked a lot prettier with her hair down.

Go Eastern Time Zone-- no interuption for me!

Not one, but 2 great challenges. Burnett and Company did a good job with the challenges. Actually the whole show was well done.

Rob will not make the final 4, mark my words, He will get caught. He reminds me quite a bit of the last stupid Rob we had to endure.

Looks like Alex or Heidi is gone next week (Christy won’t jump ship when there is a merge, unlike Heidi).

Thanks again for being considerate with the spoilers. :slight_smile:

Next week, Heidi shows her rock and her hard stone.
Apparently, you can be too thin…

I’m thinking Heidi is not going to keep her job as a girls’ gym teacher for very long. What a great role model for young girls, huh?

Whoa, she looks terrible. I don’t even watch the show, but I keep up from reading what you guys post. Maybe I will tune in next week.

Every season, somebody appoints themself Puppet Master – “bwaahaahaaa, they’re all just pawns in my little game”. Like Rob in Surviro:Marquesas. This time it’s another Rob.

They’re usually booted in week 8 or 9.

Why, singular1, why did you show us that? I cringe whenever I see her boobs. I may be huddled under a blanket for next week’s episode.

I loved the meat challenge. That flesh looked pretty rare in the middle. I liked the reward challenge, too. Those were some pretty sweet baskets, and having spices must be amazing.

What I caught most from the “teaser” was another contestant - Jenna? - telling Heidi to bare it all. Add it to her masterful “what would you do, Dave” machinations of last week - what a dynamic, strong character!

I’m having trouble recalling a character speaking so insultingly of a teammate as Rob does of Matt. The guy sure can reel in the fish!

What’s the guess - will it be a merge next week? If so, what “alliances” do you foresee?

I thought the RC was great! I would have thought they would have juggled the pairings after the first time through.

Favor: my taping got cut off right after the torch was put out. Can someone “spoil” the preview for me? BiblioCat’s comment has got my attention. Also if Shawna said anything nasty??

In the previews,

they learn what’s in the locked box that they’ve had since the beginning. As Psycho Pirate said, I think the new buffs are in it.
There is some sort of challenge, with all of them, where they’re standing on long poles in the water, like they did in Australia.
Jenna and Heidi take their tops off to distract the guys, and apparently, after being egged on by Jenna, Heidi gets completely naked.
Someone (Roger?) was shown saying, “I’m not looking!”