Survivor 9/23: Burly Girls, Bowheads, Young Studs

I’m sad today. :frowning:

I’m sad, because I have just found out who tonight’s boot is going to be. Courtesy of a spoiler site and a reputable source that has been right on multiple occasions.

Scroll down for the Spoiler box. I don’t want this showing up on Preview:

[SPOILER]Apparently, tonight’s bootee is going to be the cutest lil’ Survivor that ever could, Dolly. :frowning: I wanted this girl to go far, because of the inevitable selling-out that leads to a Playboy shoot, but it t’wasn’t to be.

Good night, little sheep farmer. You had such potential, and it’s all for naught. Bah![/SPOILER]

I’m still pulling for The Sarge.

I found out John P grew up in my hometown. He’s a year younger than me, but he went to a different school. I have him on my fantasy team and am pulling for him to win.


I don’t know if Dolly will do a Playboy shoot. Read her bio - she’s quite religious.

I was distracted throughout most of the premiere, so tonight will be like meeting everyone for the first time. The previews look pretty good, though. As long as it’s not one of my pool-members getting booted, I’m not caring much. :slight_smile:

(I avoided the spoiler, and I’m so proud of myself!)

Tee hee. Sorry, this is my co-worker’s pick for the pool and she’s been gloating that her pick is going all the way to the end.

:slight_smile: Just subscribing :slight_smile:

Die-hard fan checking in here. I personally wouldn’t mind seeing the spoiler-bootee leaving, as that is not one that I have in our little family pool. I cannot wait to see the show tonight… Thursday is definitely my favorite day of the week!

My daughter’s Back-To-School night is tonight. It starts at 7:20 (after a meeting in the auditorium), and is the thing where we go and visit each class for 10 minutes (with 5 minutes in between to get to the next class). It’s not supposed to be over till freaking 9:15, so not only will I miss Survivor, but most of the premiere of CSI as well. I guess that’s why God invented VCRs, huh?

Everything at her school is always on Thursday nights. Doesn’t anyone there watch Survivor? I hate having to tape it and watch it later.

I found an interesting thought on another website that I thought I’d share.

How amusing would it be if the “spirit rock” that the men won, and have had sitting around as they huddle and shiver in the rain with no fire, is actually a big ol’ flint rock? :slight_smile:

Food for thought…they do keep showing it a lot while the boys are trying to make fire…

LMAO at this thought. :smiley:

Anybody else have a hard time keeping the names straight this early in the game? Dolly and Scout are the only two women who’s names I can put with a face.

Well the spoiler was right.


They went and voted off Dolly - just the hottest girl on the island.

But it was nice to finally see the guys win one - I was beginning to think “not again”.

Go Bubba!

While it was fun watching Dolly marvel at the fact that the sky was blue every morning, she was right in her outgoing speech - she wasn’t Survivor material.

And the episode overall? Boring. Here’s hoping the Apprentice will pick up the slack tonight (so far so good as I’m typing this).

Quick ignorance fighting science question.

My first thought was that there would be no reason for a wild birds to lay unfertilized eggs, so they were going to be in for a surprise when they cracked open their eggs, but I don’t know enough to be sure. Was that something we contrived from the species, or does it ever naturally happen. Do wild birds ever lay nice yolky eggs? Or would they have deffinately had a chewy little blob of psuedo-bones and fuzzy-feathers?

That spirit rock doesn’t look like a flint stone, but I wondered why the guys didn’t try looking for one. And wolfman, I think that the eggs were freshly laid, so even if they were fertilized, the embryo didn’t have time to develop further than the yolk stage. I don’t know whether wild chickens commonly lay unfertilized eggs, but I suspect it might happen. After all, human females ovulate independently of sexual activity.

The spirit rock looks like lava rock, so not flint.

Dolly found out the hard way that if you try to balance on that fence, someone’s going to push you off.

What IS it with the young folks every season who just GOGGLE at how HARD it is on the island, what with no running water or reliably dry shelter or central heating or gas piped in. Did they sign up without having once SEEN this show?! Sheesh!

The old ladies know their stuff. Send an agent provocateur in to talk down the waverer and convince at least ONE of the other numerically equivalent faction to vote against her, then go solid together. Dolly never knew what hit her, and neither did Eliza. I always love the reveal when the supposedly larger voting bloc finds out that someone fucked up…the looks on their faces is priceless.

Oh, that was sweet. I’ve only seen one other season of Survivor, Amazon, but this exact same thing happened on that one–to Christy. In both cases, the swing voter talked WAY too openly about having the power. Eliza got very lucky.

That reward challenge was pretty funny. Did you see the looks on the guys’ faces right at the start? You could just SEE that that one guy was thinking “Omigod. This is so gay!” I think that’s why the women won so handily–they weren’t afraid to rub up against each other. I was glad to see that Chad’s artificial leg didn’t prove too much of a problem, as I would expect that this kind of balancing thing would be extra-hard on a fake leg.

So, what do you think is going to happen this season to make it different? I assume there is something going on to spice things up a bit. I do have a theory–In this round, the actual “survival” aspect will become more important. A common criticism of the show is that it isn’t very much about surviving. Perhaps on Vanuatu, the hardships are more significant than in previous locations, and the powers that be will let the players suffer more. We already saw the men go 6 or more days without fire. If the survival part is more difficult, then the players will weaken faster, and some will be affected more than others. This will make things more interesting. Also, decisions about who to vote off currently seem to be affected little by the various players actual contributions to the team’s well-being. If the hardships are significantly worse, then perhaps the teams will be more likely to vote according to who actually is stronger and more useful to the team’s survival.

Did anyone notice that in next week’s preview, Jeff announces that each team is going to vote someone off at tribal council. He seems kind of PO’ed when he said it, as if the teams did something underhanded in the immunity challenge and this was his way of punishing them. Or maybe I have no idea what I am talking about.

That, and the fact that most if the women are skinny, and the guys either have bulky muscles or bellys to get in the way.

I think Scout could’ve done a better job at the immunity challenge if Sarge didn’t have that bullhorn lodged in his throat. How can anyone be heard over that? :rolleyes:

But that shouldn’t have kept her from noticing the last pair of puzzle pieces out there in the water–the one Jeff had to point out to her.

My roommate and I cried out in anguish when the last vote was read. Damn it! Dolly was so damn cute!

I will miss her tiny shorts. :frowning:

Ah, well. I decided to tranfser my lust…er…affection to Eliza with her huge dark innocent-looking eyes.