So who's going to Comic-Con this year?

I just noticed in another thread that Rilchiam and hubby are going to Comic-Con. The wife and I always attend, and have met several other Dopers there on occasion. What are the chances of getting a mini-Dopefest going in San Diego that weekend? Dinner someplace in the Gaslamp? Anybody?


I am! My comic book/pop culture geek of a boyfriend is probably going multiple days, and he’s taking me along with him one day - I’m not sure which one yet.

We’re having a San Diego get-together on June 18th, as you know, so we can try and talk it up to the other unsuspecting folk who show up…

I haven’t decided yet. Last time I went was in 2003 and I was pretty dissapointed. They should’ve called it “LordOfTheRingscon” that year. Not that I have a problem with LotR, but when I go to a comic book convention, I expect the theme to be, you know, comics.

I promised myself I wouldn’t go again, but as it gets closer it’s tempting me.

My friend is coming back from Austria that weekend and is begging me to drive to SoCal with her.