So, why am I NOT getting any credit card offers anymore?

In this thread, I raised the above question, but got no answer. Up until about 2 months ago, I must have gotten more than 7 CC offers in the mail each week, a good chunk of them from Citi. At some point since then they all have dried up-every single one. While I do miss the workout my wrists would get from ripping them all up, I am curious as to why. I did check my credit record about a month ago (the once per year free one), and at that time noted no discrepancies. My landlord just reupped my lease for another year the other day (and I know they check such things), nor have I piled up a ton of debt lately or missed a lot of payments. Any clue? As I said in the other thread my mom isn’t get any anymore either.

Same here. I never get them any more…which I don’t mind! But it’s indeed curious.

The criteria of the recipients of the mail campaigns are chosen by the credit issuers, who send their requirements to such companies as Experian. Experian (for example) will tailor programs to search their Consumer database for names and addresses that match the criteria, and then sell the list to the requester.

Since credit has been tight recently, it may be that the issuers are not making as many offers. Or it could be that the issuers have coincidentally launched campaigns that are for a demographic to which you happen not to belong. (They can be pretty specific, BTW. ‘Spanish-as-a-first-language single women between the ages of 23 and 32 in a certain ZIP code who make a certain amount of money per year’, and that sort of thing.)

Hmm, how do they tell? The last time I checked my credit report, it didn’t list income, native language, or marital status. How do they even tell what you native language is? Do they just assume that some girl named Emilia Hernandez is probably a native Spanish speaker because she has a Hispanic name, and that Ann Smith is probably a native English speaker because she has an Anglo name? That would seem a more risky method that it might seem, considering the large numbers of women married to someone of a different ethnicity as well as multiracial/multiethnic people who just happen to have their father’s last name even if it might not represent the culture and language that they align with. Also, there are people who change their names for religious purposes and that could possibly make them appear to be from a different background, for example the significant numbers of African-Americans who convert to Islam and adopt Arabic names, but remain English speakers. Is there a database out there of this stuff?

There are things in consumer databases that don’t show up on credit reports. Where does it come from? I don’t know for sure. (I work in Business Credit, and not for any of the ‘Big 3’ reporting agencies.) I assume that when you register a product using the little card that comes with it or online, answer surveys, etc., then it winds up in the database. I can say that in another life I did write programs to retrieve such information.

FWIW, I still get them all of the time. Since the scoring system is a super-secret, maybe there is something (who knows what) that flags certain people as not being likely to accept a given offer and therefore it isn’t sent.

IOW, your credit is great, but since you have not responded to less/more than X% of the last number of offers, or you have paid less/more than $X in interest, or carried a balance of less/more than $Y, then the computers flag you.