So why did the House Ethics Commitee finally get a backbone?

I was pleasantly surprised to read that the HEC will be investigating 4th stooge Devin Nunes. Perhaps I’m just too cynical, but how would this have come about over an issue that has been ridiculously partisan ( is that redundant?) to date. Does a committee member make a motion ( don’t know the parlance) to investigate which is then voted on by the commitee? I see the panel is 50/50 so a Republican must have defected yes?

From the CNN article with a lot of information relevant to your questions:

If you look further there is mention of a complaint to the Office of Congressional Ethics which would report their findings back to the Ethics committee anyway. Getting out ahead of that might have swayed a vote or two.

As an investigation it’s targeted differently than some of the hype around it I have seen assumes. It’s about leaking classified information in his recent statements related to the whole drama. That scope might have been easier to motivate Republican members of the Ethics Committee to support.

All too often, it’s only a veneer of an “investigation” designed to produce a whitewashing report. (Unless you’re investigating the other side, then the purpose is to create the impression of scandal where none exists. Cr. Benghazi.)

I don’t think there’s anything to hope for here.

The GOP-controlled HEC realized too much press was devoted to Nunes destroying their facade of a legitimate bipartisan investigation. Since Nunes has stepped aside, they now have a new GOP chair to take over and continue their facade.

IMHO, our chance to determine what actually happened with the election rests with the Senate Committee and the FBI.

That’s it. But they waited too long. Things already got too far for the whitewash not to look like one.

Look for Cummings to keep asking “What did the President know and when did he know it?”

sigh. And here I thought maybe someone was being noble.