So you have way too much money. You buy a comic for 2.66 Million Euro, of course

The estimate was only 25,000 - 35,000 Euro, but something got out of hand:

OK, I get it. Jean Giroud is better known under the name Moebius. He was a genius. Alejandro Jodorowsky is no nobody either. And Dune is just popular right now. I was outbid by a factor of over 65… sigh.
The expert that estimated the sale value must have been a bit surprised too.
Now who is the billionaire that has a soft spot for Dune and Jodorowsky and Moebius? And who was the other bidder who drove him to such an excess?

You think that’s weird? This is a New York Times article (no paywall; it’s a gift link) about a signed sports card featuring a current NBA player that sold for $4.6 million. The article is primarily about whether the player himself actually signed the card or his mother did. It seems to ignore the larger question of why anyone would pay $4.6 million for a card of someone who is still alive and still playing ball and could just as easily sign a hundred more cards.

You example is even weirder than mine, but it does not make me envious. That is some difference.

It’s like non-fungible token fever, but with a piece of a dead tree instead of a sequence of ones and zeroes!

I’ve seen the documentary about Alejandro Jodorowsky’s Dune project, and this is much more than a mere comic. It’s the complete storyboard for the unfinished movie, with every artistic input that went into that project. I also suspect that it’s either unique or else very limited.

Yes, that is why I wanted it. Perhaps they printed 20, perhaps only ten. And as it was a project to finance a movie, and the money was declined, most of the copies will have been thrown away a long time ago. :cry:

So bumping my own thread I can now answer who the alleged billionaire was

He was not a billionaire, he was a crypto-scammer. It seems he has some legal problems now (the twitter thread is long and convoluted) and owns a lot of taxes. I wish him hard times.
And where is the book?