So you think you can dance 16 December

Is that Jennfer Lopez? Listening to Watermelon Slim “Possum Hand” on my MP3 it is much more aesthetically appealing. :slight_smile:

Yeah, that was Jennifer Lopez, singing what has to be one of the stupidest songs ever, for those who just can’t get enough of those brand-name references.

My fiance asked, “Does she get paid by them each time she says their name? She’d better at least have about 20 million pairs.”


I gave Mrs. Plant an earbud with “Possum Hand” going on the MP3 player, and she wouldn’t give it back…

Well technically she wasn’t singing. Did you notice that her mike wasn’t on? When the hostess talked to JLo after the performance Ms. Lopez was all out of breath and was talking into the hostess’ mike. Also her voice didn’t quiver at all while she was dancing and doing her squats.

I thought she was the only performer who lip-synched. Mary J Blige couldn’t hit her notes. Surely if she were lip-synching it would have sounded better.

Er, no, I was listening to Watermelon Slim.

So you all gave up on the results or what?

I think the top six went in the appropriate order, though Jakob and Russell could pretty much be interchangeable.

The J. Lo song was funny, because I can’t imagine more than a handful of people can relate to throwing on designer shoes and backing that Benz down the drive. It’s like she totally gave up on appearing in any way like the rest of us.

She looked fantastic though.

Jeez, again I’m complaining about Mrs. Plant watching this thing and aficionados show up…:slight_smile:

This is the first season I’ve ever watched straight through. Who doesn’t appreciate good dancing?

Today I actually uttered the words, ‘‘My schoolwork is interfering with SYTYCD. It’s time for TiVo.’’

So much for looking down my nose at pop culture. :stuck_out_tongue:

And I’m glad you did. I almost opened a thread to snark about JLo’s performance but decided that I didn’t want that baby to take care of. As it is, I can coo and comment about your baby with out the responsibility of tending it—Am I the only one who thinks of threads that I start as my responsibility? There’s always a sense of relief when they grow-up and drop-off the first page.

This is the first season that I’ve mostly watched the whole thing. I got hooked because there was nothing else on Tuesdays. It’s amazing to me that humans can move like those dancers. I swear I’m not going to get caught next season though as it is a huge time-sink.

If you were real fans, you’d’ve been participating in the season-long thread. :stuck_out_tongue:

Snark away. :slight_smile:

What ever happened to “Jenny from the Block?”

God bless DVR. I watched about 20 seconds of her laaaame opening, noticed she was painfully, obviously lip syncing something laaaame, then hit fast forward.

God bless DVR.

And hooray for Russell! And Jakob. Whoo.