"So You Think You Can Dance" 7/6

Heidi looked like a toilet brush in that dress…

Alison needed music about five times faster for the dance she was doing… that was just wacky looking.

Add me to the list of people that just don’t like contemporary dancing. I can’t deny that Alison’s got talent, but it just doesn’t do it for me.

Jessica & Jaymz are gone, and I’m happier for it. I picked them to be bottom-three, and after the solos I predicted they’d both be gone. Allison & Heidi are too well-liked and talented to get judged off, and Jessica just did pirouttes - didn’t she hear last week that doing 16 in a row won’t save you? The 3 male solos were tough to choose from, but I had a feeling they wouldn’t get rid of Ivan. I assumed they’d get rid of J&J b/c of their penchant for getting rid of pairs.

I voted for couples 2,4,5,&6 - Travis/Martha (their salsa wasn’t hot, but I like them), Natalie/Musa, Donyelle/Benji, & Allison/Ivan. The wife voted for B&D twice.

We loved Donyelle/Benji’s waltz, even though Benji is SO not masculine. That’s not to say I agree with the gaydar comments above, it’s just that he’s not manly. Travis, on the other hand - gay. I was amazed that Benji could lift her that long at the end, not so much because of her weight, but because he’s so scrawny. I liked Allison/Ivan’s dance, but I’m sort of trepadatious about Mary’s remark to Allison. I don’t disagree, since Allison’s been my favorite since day 1, but that sort of thing can psych someone out or turn the crowd against them.

I think Ashlee & Ryan are the weakest dancers left and will leave next week.
Re: Mary, I find her annoyingness totally amusing, she doesn’t piss me off. I like it best when she lets out a scream without changing the look on her face at all - hilarious. What bugs me is that they have the theme music play for credits, and dancing, then always introduce Cat & play the same thing AGAIN. Boring. Cat sucks worse than Mary.

I figured Jaymz would be gone too. After their routine, I thought they would be in the bottom three. Then his comments to the judges, the same judges that were going to decide his fate on the show the next day, sealed the deal.

My wife, who is the only reason I have to watch the show, can not be more happy that Jessica is gone and Cat no longer can call her ‘Jessicer’.

I just posted in a reality thread. I feel shame.

Does anyone else think Mary looks like one of those inflatable “party dolls?”

Well, she sounds like one that’s seen rough usage – the squeal of escaping air…

I’m very glad to see Jaymz gone – my impression of him throughout the show is that he is a whiny, defensive quitter who can’t take constructive criticism. I suspect that Jessica would have had a better shot if she’d had a different partner. I’ve been getting a vibe of “personality conflict” from the two of them since they partnered, and if his attitude during rehearsal matched his attitude onstage then no wonder.

I agree with whoever said Ashlee and Ryan will probably end up on the chopping block next week. Both are good dancers, but he doesn’t have anything that makes him really stand out to me, and Ashlee has just had some rotten luck on dance styles.

Love watching the dancing, but this is definitely one of those shows I record and watch later so I can FF thru all the filler crap. I’ve never seen a show that was so blatant about irrelevant air time. I mean the one hour elimination show has the six dancers only perform for 30 sec. What’s with that? That’s what the viewers are there to see after all.

I totally agree about Cat. She’s just the worst. And who do they have choosing her outfits? Beyond bad. (Now, Brooke’s outfits on the other hand (RockStar) are always a delightful surprise.)

Ummmm, I disagree. I like her. She’s cute and very pleasant and she always looks good. Wonder how tall she is. She seems to tower over the contestants.
But. . . I do worry when she wears strapless frocks. Maybe they staple them to her. . . .

She makes really unattractive faces quite a lot, though. Like she isn’t really aware of what she’s doing with her face–which, when you’re a performer in that sort of position (i.e., her job is to look good) you really should be aware of.

Late to the party, I was in San Diego all week…

I really hated Natalie and Musa’s disco, but on reflection, I guess it had more to do with the choreography than with how they danced it. Barring that, I would guess my personal bottom three were Jessica/Jaymz, Ashlee/Dmitry, and Allison/Ivan. I thought Heidi and Ryan were robbed. She did hip-hop at least as well as any skinny white chick ever does.

I thought all three ladies’ solos were very good this week, and Jessica simply came up short. Allison already knows the judges love her, so I think she simply focused on technique. While here solo didn’t really move me at all, her ability to go full bore in one direction, turn on a dime and do a completely different action in another direction with a sense of total commitment to every motion, is the mark of a talented dancer.

The guy’s solos were great as well, even and especially Ivan, who I otherwise find annoying. Again, Jaymz came up short (particularly with his sloppy last pose), and considering his mishap last week and his attitude, it’s not hard for them to pick who goes bye-bye.

The top couples remaining, IMO, are Donyelle and Benji, Martha and Travis, and Heidi and Ryan. Although Nigel made some comment about voting for individual dancers in a couple of weeks, so I think next week is the last for predetermined pairs dancing.

I just caught up after being away for the weekend. After watching their solos, I picked both dancers who were told to pack their bags. Jaymz sold his own fate with his cocky attitude (“No, I didn’t take any of the judge’s advice; I just did what I wanted to do.”). Jessica just doesn’t seem to feel the music at all. She seems over-trained to me and it’s stamped out her personality.

Cracking up over the comments on Allison’s funky contemporary solo. I agree that she looked like she’s twitching on stage. Certainly it didn’t look as if her dance matched the music. I still enjoy her dancing and think she’s better than Jessica.

Ryan’s solo showed he can really dance, something I’ve forgotten. Heidi overshadows him with her personality, which is a shame because he’s the better dancer. Ivan is just too charming to vote off. He’s boyishly charming and humble. And that is why he is still around while Jaymz is gone.