"So You Think You Can Dance" 7/19

Dang – a two-hour show and they actually started with the dancing in the first five minutes – who’da thunk?

I’ve been out of the country, so I haven’t seen this show for 4 weeks. Why? The? Heck? is Ivan still on my screen?

Can we have dual champions? 'Cause I just can’t pick between Danielle and Benji.

Benji - I’ve loved you since the first episode (although I admit, you annoyed me in the tryout footage). You got over the mugging that annoyed me, and I loved your gorgeous partnering with Donyelle. Tonight - that solo brought it. That’s all.


I’m at a loss again. I don’t want any of these kids to go home! They are all fabulous! (I even liked Travis and Heidi’s contemporary thingie! And wasn’t Heidi’s solo hot!!!)

But, if I had to guess, I’d say Martha and Ivan just might be in trouble this week. Ivan really looked like a fish out of water during the smooth waltz. And who wears that kind of tie with a tailcoat??? Martha also looked like a fish out of water during that dance with her unpointed toes and strange claw-like hands. And her solo was nothing to write home about.

Love Benji! Love Donyelle! Love Dmitri! Love Heidi! And I even liked the judge panel this week. That little French guy is a hoot! But the hip-hop chicks need to broaden their vocabulary.

My rundown:

Martha/Travis (hip hop): Great beginning to the show. Their unisons left a little to be desired, but it was a decent routine and they performed it well.

Donyelle (solo): I didn’t like her music, but the girl can move, and I loved the ending, very menacing and in control. She looks like she’s favoring that foot.

Dmitry (solo): Really random, I guess he was trying to show range. He has a lot of style, at least. I’m sorry but the new judge tonight sounds like Bruno Kirby’s “Frenchy” character from Good Morning, Vietnam. Perhaps as played by Joe Pesci in a remake or something.

Heidi/Travis (paso doble): I think Travis just showed he was the strength behind Travis and Martha. They were phenomenal. And I think Mary redeemed herself in turn.

Allison/Ryan (contemporary): Where the hell did Ryan get that extension? That routine was insane. But I liked it. Loved the ending.

Martha (solo): Not so much dance as performance art. Not outstanding.

Ivan (solo): Gimmicky, but not bad.

Donyelle/Dmitry (lindy hop): That was amazing. My eyes were on Donyelle, but he did respectably in the end.

Natalie/Benji (jazz): Hated the music, the dance was OK. They did a nice job and they dance well together, but the choreography was blah.

Heidi (solo): not bad, but nothing I hadn’t seen from ther before.

Martha/Ivan (smooth waltz): They didn’t have a clue, and just went through the motions. The lighting was the best part of the whole thing.

Travis (solo): Nice job. He really is good. Nigel was right to compare him to last year’s winner, Nick.

Allison/Ryan (broadway): Silly song, but I thought they did a good job together. I don’t get why the judges hate Ryan so much.

Natalie (solo): Looked like the ending caught her by surprise, but she recovered very wel. That was a neat little routine.

Benji (solo): That was awesome, beginning to end. It’s his to lose.

Donyelle/Dmitry (samba): He was in his element, and really excelled. She can do anything. It sizzled. It’s hers to lose too. The final showdown between her and Benji is going to be heartbreaking.

Heidi/Travis (contemporary): Really neat piece, and they did fantastically. It attained a level of emotion that is difficult with contemporary.

Allison (solo): Her usual stuff, she’s very good at it, but after that contemporary routine, it was a bit of a letdown emotionally.

Natalie/Benji (hip hop): That was certainly eye-catching. The two white kids did alright.

Ryan (solo): On his own, he’s fantastic. That was great.
Doing a quick, seat-of-the-pants ranking, I get:


Martha just got outclassed right and left this week. I could see either Ivan or Dmitry going home.

I’ve never voted in a reality show before, but I did tonight. In terms of eliminations, I peg Martha and Ryan to go home. Loved Heidi and Travis’s routine–it made me really “feel” what contemporary is supposed to accomplish. I liked most of the solos, but (with the exception of the previously noted dance), none of the partner dances really stuck with me–I should tape this show next week so that I can watch it again (you’d think with all the bloody replays in the world, we could see this show more than once, eh?).

/am v. glad that Nigel kept his shirt on, as it were


Great analysis, as always.

And I’m glad to feel the Benji/Donyelle love … they’re both just so darned likeable, in addition to being serious dancers.

Benji gets more adorable every week. I think maybe I do have a crush on him. It’s going to be so difficult when it’s Benji vs. Donyelle at the end. I may cry.

I don’t like contemporary. That said, Heidi and Travis’ routine was beautiful. And it does seem to be pretty clear that Travis was the strength behind his previous pairing.

First glance, I think Martha and Ryan are going home tonight. If it were up to the judges, it might be Ivan, but America loves Ivan, and that’s all there is to it.

Crazy Little French Guy might have been the highlight of the evening. It seems to be a rule that there has to be one completely batshit judge.

Can someone please tell these guys, too, to tip their hats back just a bit? I couldn’t see their eyes at all and that bothers the heck outta me. Wardrobe also seemed to be overboard on hats last night. Too much.

And that French guy annoyed me. All the judges annoyed me. The “oh, you were all wonderful” show. At least for the first portion of it.

I loved the fact that there was so much DANCE in this episode. They cut out a lot of the filler crap and just got to it. It was stressful for the performers, as performance should be. Gotta see what’s under the skin, too.

Benji’s still my Number One. His solo was the best yet. Doesn’t seem to matter what style, or whether he has a partner or not. He just shines. What a pleasure to watch.

Yeah, I like them all too. Of course, I was sorry to see Musa leave last week. :frowning:

That being said, Ryan has a great technique but I just don’t feel any emotion from him.

Dmitry is a wonderful dancer, but he hasn’t “grown” as a dancer like the others have. Of course, when you’re that good, where can you go? He also gets points knocked off for always having the open shirt. Musa exuded sexuality even when he was wearing baggy hip-hop outfits. 'Tisn’t necessary.

Loved Heidi and Travis’ routine. Like Donyelle and Ivan’s. Didn’t see most of the others, but it’s on tape.

I agree with the others who say that Martha may be the next woman to go simply because Allison, Donyelle, Heidi, and Natalie are just a tad stronger.

Well, I’m not sorry to see Dmitry go. That’s not about talent, which he has, but about likeablity, I think.

I am sorry to see Martha go – but I had no idea she was that freakin’ young. Just turned 19!!! I have shoes older than that.

I’m not particularly sorry to see Martha go. I think she reached her peak a few weeks back and hasn’t been particularly stellar since then.

But I am broken-hearted about Dimitri. I loved watching him. He’s a fabulous ballroom dancer. . . and a nice bit of eye candy, too, especially now that Musa’s gone.

BTW, I LOVED the opening group dance. They all made fine Zombies! Very cool number.


Not a huge surprise. I think Martha had to go. Other than her, all of them are very good. I think Natalie will be the next to go. A large part of what kept her in was her and Musa’s chemistry. I think Heidi will go after her, and then Allyson and Donyelle will have to battle. That’s tough, but I will give it to Donyelle.


I was surprised that Ryan stayed. I think he’ll go next week. IMO, Demitry was possibly the only one who had a chance against Benji. However, he got into trouble because he went through partners like no tomorrow, and “America” never got to have him as a part of a “favorite couple.” (Does this make sense?) As far as Travis and Ivan, I think they are both about the same. I think Ivan will go first after Ryan, and Travis next, but it could be the other way around. Benji wins out the men.


Benji vs. Donyelle? I’m going to go with Benji, but it will be a damn dramatic finaly.

Summary of losses by week:


[joke, not to be taken seriously]

Some people were surprised by the elimination tonight. However, Top Secret Gossip Seals have fed me a transcript of a conversation from this morning…

Int. Backstage, SYTYCD. Benji is speaking with a hooded stranger.)

Benji: It is arranged?
Hooded Stranger: Oh yes. He won’t be in your way after tonight.
Benji: Thanks for your help on such short notice.
HS: You should plan better next time. Moving quickly makes people act so…uncivilized (here, the H.S. lets out a rather peculiar laugh…Benji just raises his eyebrows)
Benji: Well, this is Plan B.
HS: What was Plan A?
Benji: Bum-rushing Dmitry during the samba and challenging him to a duel for Donyelle’s affection.
HS: (laughs again) Well, my boy, that would not have ended well. It was good of you to come find me. (laughs yet again)
Benji: Look, it’s not that fun–OK, so it was a stupid idea. You’re sure this will work?
HS: Oh yes–I will “make it work.” The judges won’t be able to resist my pitch. I’m sure Nigel will appreciate an introduction to…higher quality fabrics. (the hooded stranger laughs yet again)
Benji: Yeah, your elimination was totally unfair. Angela is a bi–er, not nice lady.
HS: Carry the hopes of geeks everywhere, my boy. May you win her heart. Now, I must go!
(The hooded stranger leaves and his strange laugh fades out)

Enter Heidi, in search of the source of the laugh.

Hedi: Er, coz?
Benji: Uh, yes?
Heidi: What was that…laugh?
Benji: Nothing…nothing. Say, have you seen the get-ups for tonight’s number? Let’s go check those costumes out!


[/joke not to be taken seriously]

I thought Ryan was dead in the water (and from the looks of his facial expressions, so did he)–I give him real credit for putting ‘oomph’ in his solo, even though he clearly thought he was a goner. I was sad to see Martha leave, as I always have to give love to folks from NC. :slight_smile:

Cat? Clearly crushed by the guys’ elimination. I think that to comepensate her, she should get to do future shows while shirtless Dmitry and Artem fan her with palm leaves. Any benefits that would accrue to the audience would just be positive externalities. :wink:

Not surprised by Martha, but thought Ryan would go before Dimitri. He’ll definitely be the next to go.

Girls: I just don’t think Donyelle is so great. Lots of personality but technique is wanting. I really think that technically all the others are better than her. Allyson is a little to frantic/manic on her solos and Natalie’s solos seem to be repetitious, pretty much the same each time.
Heidi just seems to have such grace and style as well as confidence. I’d like to see her in the finals.

Guys: As I said Ryan should be the next to go. Has great lines but has trouble with the various styles, lack of confidence really shows. Ivan has a lot of personality and confidence but I think his youth will eventually work against him. Travis is pretty terrific and that contemporary dance with Heidi was amazing. Of course Benji is superb, the whole package, technique, confidence and a totally winning personality.

Predictions: Benji and Heidi in finals. Benji the winner.

I totally agree with your assessment of Donyelle. She’s perky. . . but others are better dancers. And I think her heft is going to catch up with her although she does seem to be slimming down as weeks pass. Maybe all that dancing is working to shed her some pounds.

Would certainly make for some interesting family reunions…

And I have to say - I Tivo’d the opening, and just can’t stop watching it. Love, love, love the song. Love the dance - especially when Alison does that lean over and sway arms move, when Travis is in the middle dancing alone, and when Travis, Benji, and Heidi are in the back leaping, then sweep up to the front of the stage. Oh - and the girls stomping down the stairs, especially Heidi.


I thought last night’s show was a total waste of time. My parents were over, too, and I wanted to show them some wonderful dancing. But… gasp there was no dancing! We had a handfull of 30 second bits that meant absolutely nothing since all the judging had already been done. And why give them “one last dance” where they just did the same dang dance again. We just saw it. We don’t need to see it again. Thanks. A one hour show to give us 5 minutes of information (who’s leaving!) I didn’t realize that the new rules made the Thursday show a moot point. Move along, folks. Nothing here to see. I ended up fast forwarding through most of it.

Oh… And did anybody catch that there were only 4 of the 5 women in the opening number? And if the show was live, why were they all wearing outfits from the night before? Or was it “taped live” and replayed?

Looks like Natalie’s hurt her knee, and didn’t take part in the opening number–Donyelle missed one a few weeks back when she first broke her toe, I believe.

As for the outfits, I’m guessing most of it couldn’t have been “taped live” from Wednesday, because they had to wait for the results. What pissed me off is that the solos were the same damn things we saw on Wednesday, with no changes whatsoever.

But man, I love dancin’ zombies. :smiley: