"So You Think You Can Dance" 7/6

Mary: Shut the fuck up.

That’s all.

I have to agree. They need to gag Mary.

My thoughts are that this episode just wasn’t quite up to the level that previous weeks have been… anyway, here are the notes I typed up while watching:

Audition time: man, think they took up enough time? But the woman at the end who teaches hip hop? Man her face was just hilarious! When they did it in slow motion? BAHAHAHA! I don’t want to be mean but that was funny.

Crump dancers: meh. I think it’s lame as hell as a dance style. Sorry. I’m sure it’s hard to do and they’re talented and all, but I think it’s crap to watch. Not quite as irritating as watching Mary, though.

Ok, the contestants:

Heidi/Ryan: He kind of faded into the scenery for me because I was just watching her. Not sure if it was them or me. It was well done but I wasn’t really into it because it’s just not my thing. Did NOT like the costuming. And yet again, during the interview part afterward, I just wanted to hold Heidi’s face still. She pulls the weirdest, scariest faces! She’s pretty until she does that.

Martha/Travis: I’m not feeling this one either and I can’t really say why. I think that for me it doesn’t seem like it’s quite clicking with the music, maybe? I mean they looked good, but it just didn’t seem to be cohesive for me.

Ashlee/Dmitry: well, I like her costume, because I’m a sucker for corsets. Yet again it is proved to me that I am just not a fan of contemporary dance. This just looked like running around, jumping and wiggling to me. Too bad, because I think they’re both great dancers.

Natalie/Musa: Musa’s got great facial expressions and great character, but he needs to work on his feet. They work really well together, and Natalie just looks great. This was the best so far but I’m still not totally sold on ANY of the dances tonight yet.

Donyelle/Benji: This is the first time that Donyelle’s weight has bothered me, and it was only because Benji seemed to lose his balance a little during the lift spins. They still looked great. They’re definitely one of my favorites in this thing. (Benji totally tips my gaydar; am I the only one?)

Alison/Ivan: They did a good job with the swing dancing, I thought. Her pants were a little distracting.

Jessica/Jaymz: it was kind of silly and goofy, like watching clowns or mimes doing hip hop. It was weird. And did they throw in Ivan’s little finger waggling step??

My comment on this one on TWOP was that they danced the salsa just like they danced Steam Heat in the first week of the competition. Too Broadway.

Not if you read the TWOP boards. Of course, I personally loved his comments at the end of the clips about Donyelle loving him; and then she puts him at the headlock. Very cute together.


What is TWOP?

Sorry - Television Without Pity.


Benji is just too much of a goofball to pull off the dashing, romantic swaggering male lead thing. Hey buddy, maybe think about changing your name to ‘Ben’- it’s a start, eh?

I think Natalie & Musa have the best chemistry, and I’ve thought that since the beginning. Ever notice how, at the end of the show and they all do their freestyle dance thing to the theme music, Natalie always dances with all the women? She sets off my gaydar more than Benji.

And the thing that’s almost as annoying as Mary- well, nothing is quite as annoying as her, but a distant second- the way the dancers have to mug for the camera while Cat explains for the millionth time that these are 888 numbers, not 866 or 800 numbers, blah blah. I’m sure they’re hyped up from adrenaline & what not, but just tone it down a little, guys. It’s making me dislike all of you.

I feel like one of these days, Natalie and Musa are just going to have sex on stage because they forget where they are. Hell, I’d even watch it.

Benji’s “Dmitry-Face” was one of the funniest things I’ve seen in quite a while. He couldn’t quite hold the serious face together during the actual performance, but I’m willing to cut him miles of slack, just because I like him so much. He and Donyelle never cease to amuse and/or amaze me. I absolutely love them, and they’d have to screw up royally for me not to send my vote their way.

Travis is not cut out for masculine dancing. And that’s all I have to say about that.

I thought it was interesting that all the couples were doing dances that were out of their particular comfort zones. I found myself wondering if all the slips in the hat at the time they were picking said exactly the same thing!

And I still LOVE Musa.

“Just close your eyes, and think of Dmitry.”

Benji and Donyelle are definitely the most likeable, and won’t be in the bottom three anytime soon unless something drastic happens.

Musa? Still hot.

So glad someone started this thread. Good to know my husband and I aren’t the only dorks that watch this show! It makes me mad when people don’t take criticism well (Jaymz) and dig themselves deeper! Wonder if that hurt them in the voting.

It definitely makes me not want to vote for them. And roll my eyes a lot. Shut up and take your criticism.

Oooh, sorry. I’m a little cranky today. :slight_smile:

Oh god, I know. I wanted to tell Jaymz to shut up. “But we’re not hip hop dancers! Considering our background, we did amazing! We’re unique this way!!!” um. Has he not been watching the rest of the show, and the other couples?

Exactly. I believe the exact words I said when I turned to my roommate were “I think Ivan should go up there and beat the shit out of him.”

i also can not stand the last few seconds when they mug for the camera, it is so over the top and i get so uncomfortable. I feel like that moment when you are watch a movie with your parents and there is a random and unplanned sex scene…so uncomfortable…so embarassed for the people on the screen. Natalie trying to be sexy after the judges told her she was sexy was the worst, and Heidi’s attempts to be ghetto had me throwing things at the screen.

Beyond that… I just love love love Benji and Donyelle. they are by far my favorite couple. Last night was my least favorite dance that they did, but it was not their performance, it was much more so the dance itself.

And they really promoted the crap out of Little Man huh?

The Wayans brothers are pretty, funny I bet people that liked White Chicks are gonna be feeling this one as well.Shoudl be intersting to see how it does next weekend, they seem to be promiting enough. :wink:

Ok… My thoughts, for what they’re worth…

What’s the deal with 45 minutes of crap scenes of people who didn’t even make the cut? Wasn’t that what the first sets of shows were for? I can handle some of these, but this was excessive.

I’m in total agreement about Jaymz and his arguing, that one chick’s pants being distracting, Musa’s total lack of footwork (yes, he still looks good, but this is about DANCE, too), and contemporary still makes me want to barf.

I have to respectfully disagree about the chemistry between partners. For example, in these “seduction” type dances, they are supposed to be seducing their PARTNERS, not the audience. We should feel like we’re looking in on a pair of lovers who are only into each other. Benji and Donyelle are the only two who came close to pulling this off, IMO. The females, in particular, keep mugging for the camera instead and I’d rather they didn’t. We know they’re trying to entertain us. Do it by playing the proper part. Most of them appeared disjointed from each other last night. And I felt this last night even from couples who didn’t have this problem in previous weeks.

The bits where they show them practicing are starting to annoy me, too. Yes. We know you really aren’t an “X” type dancer and that your strength is “Y”. The point of the show is to be flexible and stretch. Get to it! Quit telling us what you can’t do and show us what you can. And I’d just like to see them get something, just once, that IS in their style so we can see them at their best. There’d be no excuses that way.

Now, where did I leave those potato chips? :stuck_out_tongue:

don’t have much time but I wanted to say that I think Heidi and ryan’s dance was the best.

I agree about Musa and Natalie; what a sexy couple they make, though i’d rather see them do the salsa than have her jump up and put her crotch in his face. too many lifts for me.

Ashlee and Dmitry - what an odd dance. i hope whatshisname’s choreography doesn’t get them voted off. though I think Dmitry will stay no matter what because he’s the best dancer there, no question about it.

allison and ivan also crack me up.

i think it’s not entirely fair to blame Donyelle’s weight for Benji’s wobbling on the spins. Musa would have had no trouble lifting her. (swoon)

I think Jaymz is gone. he bugs the shit out of me.

Mary is consistently getting on my nerves all the time. She should stick to choreography and coaching.

I hated the Ashlee/Dmitry dance most. I know they were doing a takeoff on the great ballet Coppelia but their interpretation just looked stupid.

Last night’s show wasn’t nearly as entertaining as the last couple of weeks have been. Here’s my take:

Heidi and Ryan - Hip Hop: gotta go with Dan on this one. The steps were there, but the attitude wasn’t. Still, they looked like they were having fun. It should be enough to carry them through.

Martha and Travis - Salsa: I was gravely disappointed. Latin dance should be passionate and earthy and sexy, and they didn’t bring any of those things to the table last night. They looked intimidated and stiff. I suspect they may be dancing solos tonight.

Ashlee and Dmitri - Contemporary: Let me get one thing out of the way – I don’t like Contemporary dance. I just don’t get it. That said, this was still one of the stupidest routines all year. These two did the best they could with weird costumes and weird choreography. Both are very talented dancers but I suspect they’ll be in the bottom 3 tonight, simply because they don’t appear to have the fan base that some of the others have.

Natalie and Muse – Disco: As usual they were sexy as hell, but Musa almost didn’t do anything! Stand there and look cool while Natalie dances around the stage, pick her up in a nifty stunt, lather, rinse, repeat. I love these two but if Musa doesn’t show us some footwork soon the judges will give him the boot at the first opportunity. Still, they are one of my favorite couples.

Donyelle and Benji – Viennese Waltz: I like this one a lot. Benji stepped up to the plate with the masculinity thing, although he was starting to grin a little by the end of the performance. Donyelle looked lovely and graceful, and they handled the lifts well. They have so much personality that they can pull off almost anything.

Allison and Ivan – West Coast Swing: Ivan continues to impress me with his week to week improvement. I had him pegged as a one trick pony and am glad to say I was wrong. A fair performance from both, but who the hell told Allison to wear those pants?! That person is not her friend. Still, if Ashlee and Dmitri avoid the bottom three I suspect that these two will be there instead

Jessica and Jaymz – Hip Hop: Forgettable. Why doesn’t Jaymz just shut up and go home. Jessica is a talented dancer and a beautiful girl but so far has shown all the personality of an ice cube. I’d like to see her dance with someone else, just to see if Jaymz is part of the problem. They’ll be in the bottom three.

My pick to go home: Jaymz, and probably Jessica.

Allison’s solo – does she think that thrashing about is attractive? I loathe that kind of frenetic twitching.