So, you want your charter membership back ...

We do think highly of you, will that do?

your humble TubaDiva

I am stunned and amazed at the patience Ed Zotti, C K Dexter Haven, & TubaDiva have shown in the debacle. Are the three of you available to come clean my house next week? And I’ll probably need help with packing and moveing later in the summer, I’ll notify you the day after I need you :smack:

ATTENTION! ATTENTION! Teeming millions!..Ok, Only those that missed the deadline.
Aren’t you all ashamed of yourselves? Along with fighting Ignorance, maybe we should vow to take responsibility for our own actions, or lack thereof?? Now go to your rooms!

I think I’ll do the same

I would, but I can’t get in there for all the mess.


I forgot and let my membership lapse too!

Ah, well… problem fixed. Now I gotta post to see what my title is… :smack:

Oh OK, thanks for clearing that up. I’m still not sure how renewal works now. Mind if I ask where that is explained?

I don’t care about the Charter Member title (I care about the discount though), so I’ll sell mine on eBay soon. Bids start at US$100.00* :smiley:

*Not really.

I was annoyed because I didn’t have the money until the 28th (okay, fine) but I expected “renew by April 28th” to mean “sometime in the entire day of the 28th”, not by noon, Chicago time. I had a thesis presentation/defense to do around that time, so renewing a messageboard subscription wasn’t really in the forefront of my mind. With the Internet being 24/7, you don’t really expect to have a deadline like noon on the day.

But it’s cool that I can at least get my discounted rate after this year.

Ed Zotti posted it in this thread, which was linked to by an announcement which appeared at the head of each forum for a month.

Knorf is certainly a dumbass, in many respects . . .

. . . but at least he’s still a charter member!

amused at all the whingers who are getting a second chance to preserve their elite charter status

Am I still chartered?

I’m not sure how to check without posting, so I’m posting.

Don’t know if this is the right thread, but I was going back and reading some old threads.

I noticed some posters who I know to have been BANNED (ominous drum roll) who are listed as “Guest”. Perhaps there is the source of some of the confusion.

Is this just a function of the search utility? Or is this a Question That Must Not Be Asked?



The system globally sorted out the expired subscriptions and changed their user status to guest. As a global sort, it pulled out everyone who did not resubscribe, including anyone who had previously been a subscriber who got banned.

The status of banned members has not changed, merely the user title. They still have no privileges on this board. They’re still banned.


You may check your subscription status at any time by going to the User Control Panel and clicking on “Paid subscriptions.” You may also renew your subscription from there as well. You can also see your user title in the User Control Panel.


Information about how the subscription plan works, including rates and etc., was covered in Ed Zotti’s thread:

Super SDMB Subscription Special

This thread was linked in an announcement that ran at the top of every forum page over the thread listings. This thread was linked on the Straight Dope front page at the very top of the column, highlighted in red. This thread was also bannered in the weekly Straight Dope advance mailing that goes out on every Thursday night/Friday morning.

All this ran for a month.

You subscribe, you get full functionality of the board for a year.

Does this answer your question?

your humble TubaDiva

I found my subscription status and my expiration date, but I couldn’t find the title “Chartered Member” anywhere in the User CP area. Which part of the Control Panel is it in? I probably just completely missing it. (Are you sure your god-like Administrator powers aren’t giving you extra info? :slight_smile: )

I agree wth the first two statements, but I don’t see where it states the user title you’re entitled to in the CP. It refers to being called “Member” if you’re paying the full rate – that’s it. :confused:

Sorry. Click on “Edit Profile” in the User Control Panel.

It will tell you what your current user title is.

your humble TubaDiva

I went to “Edit Profile” first off – and there’s nothing there for the user title. I think, perhaps, Tuba – you see it in yours because of your status. Ordinary members/charter members can’t. Not until, perhaps, the option of choosing our title kicks in.

It’s so weird that there’s three times as many charter members as regular members and yet it’s treated as an “elite” thing. Shouldn’t the members with the less frequent titles be the elite?

I think you’ll find the user title shows up when you click on your name to go to “View Profile”. Mine does. :slight_smile:

When a club or society first starts off, there’s usually 100% “Charter” membership. Over time, the numbers dwindle. I’d expect that, if we kept the Charter Membership title thing going – in a few more years, like the 99ers around here, they’d be in the minority.

Thanks, TubaDiva. Some do still have the BANNED under their name, others do not.

Not that it matters.