Charter subscribers, renew now!


It’s renewal time for charter subscribers to the Straight Dope Message Board. Questions and answers:

When does my subscription expire?

April 29th. In case you were wondering, Jerry added time to all subscriptions to compensate for service outages over the past year.

How much?

US $7.48, same as before, which is half the regular subscription rate. Charter subscribers are entitled to a 50% discount for as long as they keep their charter subscription in force.

What happens if I don’t re-subscribe by April 29th?

You won’t be able to post until you do. You’re allowed a seven-day grace period. If you re-subscribe within this time, your charter membership remains in force. If you don’t, you’re welcome to re-subscribe later, but you won’t get your charter membership back.

How will I be notified that my charter subscription is about to expire?

We’re posting announcements in all forums plus this message well in advance of the renewal date. We’ll also send you reminders by e-mail. (NOTE: You’ll receive these e-mails even if you indicated in your user profile that you don’t wish to receive e-mail from us - people have complained in the past about not being notified. Be aware that you won’t get these notices if you’ve changed e-mail addresses but haven’t updated your profile.) And of course once your subscription runs out you still get a seven-day grace period in which to re-up.

I didn’t renew in time because I was <in jail, abducted by aliens, whatever>. Can I get my charter membership reinstated?

No. We provide lots of reminders. Keeping your charter subscription in force is your responsibility. If you don’t, you can pay the regular rate like everybody else.

I’m not a charter subscriber, but in the past you’ve offered a promotional discount for regular subscribers. Will you be doing that this year?

No. Our experience has been that we don’t get any more subscribers during promotional periods than normal.

When are you lying scumbags going to upgrade the server like you are constantly promising?

We did. Jerry’s got a lot on his plate, but he gets to everything eventually.

Oh, right. Sorry.

No problem. Glad to have you aboard.

[Re-reads OP three times to avoid asking incredibly embarrassing question.]

How do we renew?

Silly peon, asking relevant questions.

[sub]User CP -> Paid Subscriptions[/sub]

I would like to chime in and remind everyone that it is not necessary to wait for April to roll around before you renew. Unless $7.48 is a severe hardship, you can renew any day of the year, any hour of the day and get some peace of mind. It’s a lot better than having to say, “Oh, shit!” in May when you suddenly remember the forty-eleven friendly reminders you so cleverly ignored.

And if it’s getting close to renewal time, and it is a hardship (hey, don’t laugh; it was a scratch for us year before last), post about it in this forum. In true Community fashion, we help our own.

Go to User CP and click on Paid Subscriptions.

That’s why I changed my sig, to cut down on the "Oh shit!"s we get every year. :smiley:

Whee! Resubscribed for another year of this lunacy! (That’s $9.39 in Canabucks.)

Now it’s time to put the laundry in the dryer.

Done, now to bed. Alone.

At least the Sabres won.

When we get to Hell, it will always be Pledge Week.

I could have been a charter member, but I was afraid to start posting at the crucial time. Why God, why did I hesitate? :frowning: Aaaargh! But, my regret is less than my rage. My rage at those better than me! Curse you charter members!

:: shakes fist ::

At least they’re not bombarding us with Peter, Paul, and Mary reunion shows.

Mwaahh-haaa-haaaa! Puny ordinary member! Do not tempt us with your futile and impotent imprecations, or we will crush you like the bug you are. We are merciful and beneficent, and so tolerate your presence here, but our patience is not endless. Beware our wrath!

[Just renewed for another glorious year of CHARTER membership. Ahhhh, life is good. Peel me another grape, Beulah!]

If any dopers find themselves short on cash, no credit card or whatever go to this thread and post. Somebody will be along to give you a hand.

hey - who let that guy in here? We gotta get better security.

WHACK! Thank you, Sir! May I have another!

Ha! Someone hit a bad conversion time. I got mine for $8.85 a few days ago. Then again, I shouldn’t say that, when the loonie was bad a few years ago I think my first subscription was around $11.

Gee whiz,… the army lets you do that, so why won’t the Chicago reader? I want to give you money. Lots and lots of money. (say, $14.96, or even $22.44) . But you won’t let me.

That’s enough for a whole bag of hamster food.
The large size bag.
And maybe even an extra wheel to run in, too.

So how 'bout it, mods? Yeah, I know, you’re being capitalist pigs and reserving the right to increase prices later as indicated by the appropriate revenue enhancing models …

But it sure would save me a bunch of worryin’ if I could pay 2 years at once…
'Cause I can never remember when April comes, and I might forget, and then I’d have to just be a regular member.
But, you see, I always proudly present my credientials as charter member on my resume, my business letterhead, and my valentines day cards.

Besides, if I ever lose my charter member status, I’d be crushed forever, and it’ll all be your fault, and I’ll send the therapist’s bills to you…

I’d also like to do more than one year. I’m almost positive my last renewal was for two years.

All signed up again. Now to hit the plasma center and make a quick deposit before the transaction goes through. :smiley: