LAST HOURS !!! Lost your Charter Membership? Here's how to get it back.

Hi! Are you a lapsed Charter Member? Do you wish you were a Charter Member again?

Well bunkie, here’s your chance.

From now until Labor Day (Monday September 3) you can resubscribe and become a Charter Member once more.

The price is $30 for this year; after that, regular Charter Member rates apply.

This offer is only open to former Charter Members who have let their membership lapse.

Go to UserCP.

Click on “Paid Subscriptions” in the left hand panel (It’s towards the bottom).

Click on “Charter Member Resubscription” and follow the prompts.

Upon receipt of your purchase I will go in and move you into the Charter Member database.

This is a time limited offer so doittoday!

your humble TubaDiva

On it! Thanks.

I decided to get it too.

Well, that was fast!

Wanna be a Member?..

Thanks TubaDiva!


I hate to have to use paypal.
I realize (late, I was away from the board for a long while, and when I came back, it sort of went over my head) that the board seems to be in troubles. Could someone point me towards a thread explaining the situation?

If you haven’t already foundthis thread, it’s a good place to start.

Super happy about this. I deliberately let mine lapse a while back for stupid reasons and am very glad to have the opportunity to amend the error.

OK, now we need a new way to signify Charter Members who never let their membership lapse. :smiley:

Where’s that damn “Like” button?
Oh, well.


Oh, the aura of smugness is detectable from a good quarter-mile away, don’t you worry!

(I kid, I kid. I’m so irritated with myself for letting someone talk me into lapsing. BAD LIFE CHOICE.)

I lost my charter member tag too.

Yup, me too. Wasn’t paying attention to the date, and the email reminder for subscription renewal got lost in the spam folder. So I’m in as well.

Yes, you did, and I have no room to insert it anywhere in your profile, sorry.

You make a lot of sacrifices when you’re a moderator. :smiley:

I need to consider this.

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Okay, I went to ebay and I had just corrected my cc info and password on the 18th and when I tried to pay the SD it said I needed a new password so I did that again and now SD says I used an invalid payment and has blocked me from trying again… help??

Okay, went back and it let me through this time and the payment is sent.

Thanks for doing this.


I would not object to that. Y’all could be “Revered Charter Members”, or something like that.

“Actual Charter Member”

Charter Member, First Class
Charter Member, with Distinction
The Original Charter Member, accept no substitutions

Yeah, I’m in.