So you went blind, you big fat bitch?

Frances has lost her eye. The hurricane, that is.

I heard on the radio that NOAA is saying that the eye has collapsed and probably isn’t going to be able to rebuild itself. This is a good thing. The worst winds in a 'cane are at the wall around the eye. Since it doesn’t have one anymore, Frances just got its biggest teeth pulled. This storm is getting less and less organized, which means weaker.

More and faster please. Good luck to all our friends in Florida.

HAH! Take that Frances! I’ve pulled the plug on another one. I just knew that if I decided to take some precautions, this would happen. See, south GA is/was supposed to be hit by heavy winds and rain from this thing. So, I decided, based on information as of 11 AM to cancel all services next Tuesday. No one is supposed to show up except essential stall. See, I do it, it starts to die. Course it could still be a pretty nasty tropical storm, so hold on all you Floridopers!

But I made all these plans and preparations!!! :stuck_out_tongue:

Thank goodness. We don’t need two of these in a row.

I would urge anyone reading this thread not to draw too many conclusions from one third-hand statement. Frances hasn’t yet passed over the Gulf stream which is very warm and helps hurricanes build back up. Besides, a downgrade from Cat.4 to Cat 3 only makes the storm a little less dangerous. That message isn’t, “nevermind, it’ll just be a little rain” now.

How 'bout, instead of spreading rumors, you can post your cite here showing us where and when NOAA said that, and in what context?

I love it when people up north suddenly become hurricane experts…

Wow, I read the thread title and thought, “Holy cow, isn’t this more suited for the Pit? This looks like a train wreck waiting to happen.”
Then I did that little mouse-hover thing* and went, “Ooooh, the hurricane…”

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You really deserve bonus points for thread title with the most horrific sounding implications. II thought it might be an asshole rantung against his diabetic ex-wife.

CNN headline right this second: “Frances could gain intensity before landfall.”

She’s moving slow – about 9mph – which means plenty of time to reorganize and strengthen. Even if all the winds die down, she’s carrying a metric assload of rain. The flooding could be horrific. No one should relax at this point.


According to the link, it’s Francis with an I–actually a guy’s name. They’ve been using male names so far…Charley, Gaston, and now Francis. I think they alternate, from year to year, between using male and female names for storms.

So the title should say, the fat slob lost his eye and went blind.

You can think whatever you wish, but the reality is that they alternate female and male names. This year’s models start with male names, then alternate. Next year it starts with Arlene, then Bret, Cindy, etc.


Names for this season:


And I’m saddened to learn that the H name is not Hermione, as I read somewhere here earlier, but simply Hermine.

Eye hope that news holds :slight_smile:

Thinking of all of you in Florida and hoping for the best…keep your eyes on the news. You are sure welcome to come hang out in Georgia for a while but I hope you don’t need to because of Francis!

And here I thought it was going to be a rant about a diabetic.

I met an incoming freshman at my high school today whose name is Francis. She’s a girl (pretty darn cute at that :slight_smile: ).