So, you're 30...

And then you’re, like, 49. How does this happen?

I guess you just avoid dyin’ in between. Uh, was I planning to do something with this life? I forget.

Um… Happy Birthday! :slight_smile:

Thanks, dear.

It gets worse too. Happy Birthday, Ringo!


Happy Birthday, Ringo! I will always think of you as not the Ringo from “HELP!”, but the Ringo from “CAVEMAN!”

smooch! Happy birthday!

49? Cool! That means I can hang around you feeling younger (even though anyone under 30 would think we’re about the same age). Happy birthday!

As for the way years fly by, I suggest starting to write your memoirs, and making up interesting stuff to go in any blank spots.

Happy BirthdaY!

I’ll buy you a beer at the next HouDope.

Happy birthday! Does this mean I turn 49 this year, too, since I turned 30 last year? :eek:

::MsRobyn waddles into the kitchen to make Ringo a special birthday cake::


You’re on to ot, pal.

No, actually I’m not 30. Cripes, let me enjoy the last year and a half of my twenties, would ya?

Happy birthday, you old coot!


Hope you had a great one, Ringo!

Happy birthday, Ringo. You’re late, though. These feelings have been an annual even for me ever since I turned 40.

Happy Birthday Ringo DARLING!

Unloads the portable hot tub, sets it up in the backyard beside the munchies table, sets up the massage table beside the assorted scented oils table, looks around…

HEY! Where’d everybody GO?

Well, looks like it’s just you and me, babe;)

Happy Belated Birthday, hon…I promise to remember next year, HONEST I will.

Much Love,