SoCal Dopers: Help me plan a budget for my daughter's social life this week.

So my 16-year old daughter is singing with her high school chamber choir at Disney’s California Adventure on Tuesday (celebrating the opening of CarsLand) and will be spending the remainder of the day in the park. But the evening before, the soprano section leader has invited her for a sleepover and an Angels game at Anaheim Stadium (the section leader is paying for her ticket, so I don’t have to disown my daughter over it).

Thing is, my daughter has no money of her own, beyond what she gets from me, and she is going to be expected to feed herself at the ball park. I’ve been to the Angel Stadium website, and found what all kinds of goodies can be purchased there, but nowhere does the website indicate the price of anything on the bill of fare. It does mention that there is a Jack in the Box and a Panda Express, but I’m not foolish enough to blithely assume that their prices will match what gets charged over at the corner of Dale and Ball Road. At least until I’m told otherwise by a knowledgeable docent.

So, someone please be my knowledgeable docent. How much does it cost to buy a Dodger Dog (or an Angel Dog, if you insist), an order of fries, and a Pepsi at Angel Stadium (I can figure out for myself how much to give her for food at Disney)? And a double bag of peanuts, so as to be a good guest to the girl who’s taking her out, and encouraging repeats of this behavior. And how much do the in-park Jack in the Box and Panda Express ratchet up the prices from what’s normal on the outside? Thanks very much, need answer fast (by Monday afternoon at latest), Happy Father’s Day, IANAL, DNFTT, and


This is for Petco Park, San Diego. It may or may not be representative of Angel Stadium. I would expect that they are similar though.

Item Price
Kids Meal $5
Small fountain soda $4
Peanuts $4
Popcorn $4
Hot Dog $4
Bottled water $4
14 oz. domestic draft beer $5
20 oz. domestic draft beer $7.25
Plastic bottle domestic beer $7.75
20 oz. premium draft beer $8.25
Padres cap $7
Padres T-shirt $8

A hot dog, bottled water and some peanuts, 12 bucks.

I see now that those were late 2010. I’d add 20% to them for 2012.

Seriously… 16 years old and you haven’t gotten this down yet. Just throw them a 20… then throw one more in for good measure. Tell them sternly that you expect change. If you actually get any back… celebrate!

Said by the father of three teens who always clean out my wallet any time they need to be on their own for lunch. This rule has worked everywhere from NYC, to Singapore, to Who Knows Where Ohio.

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I’ll be at the dreaded Anaheim Stadium of Anaheim, Orange County this coming weekend, but to see the Dodgers, and not that team they happen to be playing. Unfortunately, that’s too late to give you specific pricing advice, since I haven’t been to that stadium since early last year.

I’ve gotta agree with Spud’s advice to provide $40, which should be more than enough to cover a couple of dogs, a couple of drinks, and miscellaneous snacks during the game. If you get change, bonus! Any more than that, and the kid might be tempted by sinister companions to buy merchandise with that other team’s logo on it. You don’t want that.

$40 max.

Ditto the $40. That’s what I would give my kid when he was a teenager when he went out with friends for very similar outings - and sometimes I got change. Sometimes I didn’t.

Yikes. That’s getting a little steep. Since she has to feed herself at California Adventure tomorrow as well, my plan was to give her $60 and hope for the best.

Should I be bumping that up? I drop her off at her friend’s house in an hour and a half, so – need answer FAST!

I’m on record as being AGAINST the Dodgers playing the Angels EVER, except in October (and exhibition games in the pre-season, of course), but since the Halos are facing the stinkin’ San Francisco Giants tonight, I’ve directed my daughter to root for the guys in red.

ETA: anyway, you have a good time this weekend. :slight_smile:

“When I count to three and snap my fingers, you won’t remember having ever rooted for anyone but the Dodgers…”

I’ve never been to any of this, but I wonder if you are also needing help on the pricing at the Disney park. I’m just clarifying for others.

I do know that, the last game I went to, I spent around $20 on basic concession stuff. And that was a while ago and at a Minor League game. I’d suspect you’d at least double that.

I had a handle on the Disney price list, both because I’ve been there recently, and because they put it on the website.

I wound up sending her out with $60, of which she reports spending $20 at the stadium and $35 at the theme park.

Just in case the situation recurs, make sure she has some coins for an emergency telephone call.

And a map to where she could find a pay phone in DCA?

Seriously, she had brought her cell phone with her…