Soccer camp

My kid is five years old and would like to start playing soccer in a local league. He is very athletic (gymnastics, skiing, swimming, and just playing like a kid should) but has not done any team sports. We’ve spent time kicking a ball around, but never bothered with rules, so he’s unfamiliar with even the basics of soccer.

There is a British Soccer Camp run by Challenger Sports that has a session for 4-5 year olds. It’s 1.5 hours per day for five days. This seems like it might be a great intro to the sport that would teach him some rules and fundamentals so he could join in with the local league more easily.

The only things I can find about Challenger are either their own promotional material or that of organizations hosting the camps. Does anyone have any personal experience to share? Is this beneficial for a five-year-old kid who hasn’t played soccer before? Do I need to try to get him familiar with soccer rules and fundamentals before the camp so he can get more out of it?

bump hoping someone can give me an opinion on this outfit