Social Distortion. Tonight. Roseland in NYC

Just got back. Great, great show. A buncha songs off the new CD (Nickels and Dimes, Don’t Take Me for Granted, Highway 101, the first song, etc…).

Ring of Fire opened
Story of My Life closed
Ball and Chain
Sick Boy

The really delivered - the crowd was really, really into it - moshing, but no violence, a lot of singing along…

Mike Ness really knows how to entertain a crowd.

Boy that takes me back. Mike Ness must be close to 40. Play any of their old songs like Mommy’s Little Monster or 1945?

WordMan, you lucky person! I missed Social Distortion down here in South Florida this past Saturday night. Nobody I know had any interest in going, and the tickets were $25, which honestly is a bit high for me right now. But I’m a huge Mike Ness fan (I like his two solo albums even more than Social D!), and I would have loved to see them live.

Ooooh, I’m jealous. I would kill to see them live. I will, however, take this moment to gloat over the fact that I have tickets to see Urge Overkill and the Pixies together later on in November. Still, Social D would have completed the high school nostalgia.

Oh yeah - how could possibly forget Mommy’s Little Monster?! They killed on that - when they launched into it, the crowd went nuts.

I have only been to a handful of live punk shows - plenty of other rock/hardcore shows where moshing happened, but not like this - it was insane. This wasn’t a 20-foot circle where a few losers got into it and everyone around them just tried to stay out of the way - this was a 100-foot circle where a few hundred people were goin’ at it. What was so cool was not only the size of the spectacle, but how into the music the pit was and how respectful people seemed to be of each other. At least 40% of the moshers were women/girls and people were body surfing all over the place, but there were no fights, no bad tension - it was good fun, like human bumper cars. I am way too old to jump in (heck, even if I was young again, I wouldn’t do it - just not a mosher…)

WTF? Urge is back together? Is there a new CD?

::scampers off to amazon::

The wife and I are going to tonight’s Social Distortion show, PLUS we got tickets for the last show of the Pixies tour on December 18 :cool:

I don’t think they have a new CD, they’re just on tour. But minus Blackie. Still, I was in highschool when they came out and were really popular and I never got to see them so when I heard they were playing WITH the Pixies I was all “MUST GO!!!” I’m seeing them at Aragorn on Nov. 16th in Chicago but they’re playing a lot of locations.