I'm seeing the Pixies tonight!

That’s all, really. I just wanted to brag that I’m in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan - that great cultural mecca of the Canadian prairies - and I get to see the third show from the re-united Pixies in just under four hours.

(Side note: does anyone know who/what “Velouria” is about? Is it just the name of some girl?)

You… Lucky… Bastard…

I expect a full report when you get back! MAN, I’m jealous!

And yeah, I think “Velouria” is just a slightly weird ("…and how does lemur skin reflect the sea?") love song about a girl named Velouria. I dig the theremin in that one, though.

Ahhhh…fourteen days and counting :slight_smile:

I saw their Winnipeg show. It was excellent.

You can buy cds from their tour, as I mentioned here.

Man, I was gonna buy tickets to the Davis show, but they sold out in 30 minutes. I didn’t stand a bloody chance. [/bitter]

Me, I’m planning to hang out in that little MU/Freeborn plaza thingee and listen for free. Can people still do that? It’s been a while since I’ve been a student but I’ve got this picture in my head of Cal Aggie Hosts swarming the area in their little yellow wind-breakers driving people off with pointy sticks and trained spiders.

You’re seeing pixies tonight? Man, I’m drinking the wrong stuff.

I might do that, or I might find some way to sneak in. Maybe I’ll see you out there :p.

You lucky son of a bitch. Yes, please to tell, as I plan to see them when they swing my way…

However…If they have somehow turned into some sad shadow of their former selves, break it to me gently…I did love them so.

Holy shit! The Pixies are back together? Wow…wow! I wonder if they are planning on touring Britain? I never got a chance to see them the first time around, maybe my chance has come back?

Another one who dearly wants them to still rock, if they suck be gentle with us…

I spent way too much on tickets for the Davis show, so it better be fucking good. I mean, not just paying that much, but having to drive out to Davis.

(I mean – no offense, Davis-isians)

Give us your report of the show, Treviathan, so we’ll know what to expect. Some of us have been waiting > 10 years to see the Pixies in concert.

They’re doing 4 London dates June 2-5. Then they’re doing the European fesitival scene this summer (incl. 4 more UK dates). I’ll be seeing them at Roskilde Festival this summer in Denmark (unless I decide to convert all my money into beer before I buy tickets to the festival…)

I found this site has the latest tour dates.

I will see them at the Roskilde festival (which also has David Bowie as a headliner, and rumour has it that morrissey and/or Bob Dylan might show up). Though, I’m sceptic. Could it really be that good, concidering the circumstances in which the band broke up?

Okay, here’s the recap:

I should begin with the disclaimer that, despite being a Pixies fan, I did not grow up listening to the Pixies. So when I bought the tickets, it was more with the realization that living in Saskatoon, I may never have another chance to see such a huge cultural icon play my hometown, rather than because this was the band that provided the soundtrack to my formative years or something like that.

The show was, in a word, tight. No nonsense from Frank Black, Kim Deal, et al. They came on stage at about ten with “Bone Machine,” shrouded in a bunch of fog/smoke, and seventy percent of the crowd was singing along within two minutes. They then segued into some of their less immediately recognizable stuff - the chugging “U-Mass” being a standout - got “Wave of Mutilation” out of the way early on, and finished with an amazing run that included “Allison,” “Monkey Gone to Heaven,” “Gouge Away,” “Tame,” “Debaser,” and “Gigantic.” I think they finished stronger than they started - maybe that had to do with the playlist, as the last three songs were probably my three favorite Pixies tracks - but I doubt few would argue that the highlight was Kim Deal finally taking the mic for “Gigantic” to close the show.

The encore featured the UK Surf version of “Wave of Mutilation,” which was cool but felt a little redundant, having heard the original version earlier in the show (they couldn’t have played “Dig for Fire” or “Is She Weird?” instead?). Overall, they were done in about an hour-and-a-half - I was out of the building by eleven-thirty. David Lovering’s drumming was still dead-on; I think Frank might have lost a little in the manic energy department, but I won’t complain.

All in all, seeing the Pixies was simply kickass. I won’t pretend it was even close to the personal experience it was for some other people (one girl, I swear, was crying - and she looked like she would have been barely in kindergarden when the Pixies were big) but from the detached eye (ear?) of the music connoisseur, they rocked.

(Side note - people who throw water bottles on stage are asses, plain and simple. If you break Kim Deal’s hand with your bloody Nalgene bottle, and I find out where you’re parked, I’m keying a nice succinct message about being how you should respect the musicians into the side of your car.)

The Davis show was FUCKING AWESOME. I went expecting to sit outside and maybe hear some of the louder songs from there, but as it turns out I was able to get 4 $40 tickets for me and my friends. Way fucking worth it.

Hearing them play “Hey” and “Here Comes Your Man” alone was worth the cash.

I’ve never heard them play live before, but I’ll be damned if they didn’t play well beyond my expectations. I was kinda awestruck how much Frank Black was able to do with his voice, I figured there’d been some fudging on the albums, but he is really able to do everything you hear. Phew, I only wished they could have played “La la love you”.

So I saw this thread an immediatly googled “pixies tour dates”…and got this


Er…not quite.

But anyway, as there going to be in London, I’ll be there. Which I was happy about till I saw this:


Ah, well, I’ve seen Bowie, so there :cool:

Thank for posting, Treviathan. I had no idea :slight_smile: