Social media for food

So, I was raiding my cow-orkers’ Halloween candy this a.m., and as I unwrapped a Nestle Crunch bar, I noticed that the wrapper said “Redirecting...”". I’ve seen similar on-line addresses on other foods and consumer products.

Yeah, I guess I COULD go to that facebook site this evening after work, but I’m wondering who would go to such sites and why (other than my case of wondering why the site exists)? Have you ever?

you’d be surprised, but with a lot of companies now the fastest way to get actual “customer service” is to contact them through their social media accounts. it’s pretty much the only reason I have a twitter account; I’ve gotten answers for things from e.g. SiriusXM and some of the local parks & rec offices much faster that way than trying to call or email.

OK - so what kinda fast candy bar customer service do people need? Sirius and local parks impress me as a tad different than food.

Thinking back on it, I think I DID once contact a food company about a product. I think it was a salad dressing. IIRC, it had a flavor my wife and I could not identify, but the label described only “herbs and spices.” I think I sent an e-mail. The response was along the lines of, “Our blend is proprietary. Let us know if you have a specific allergy or something.”

So I guess I may have answered my own question. :smack: Just struck me as odd seeing it on a fun-sized candy bar…

It’s not just speed - it’s public. Which means you’re much more likely to get a swift and effective response to your complaint.

Eg, via email
Email subject: Fly in my chocolate.
Automated response: Thank you for your enquiry. All our customer service representatives are currently busy, but we will respond as quickly as possible. Responses to email enquiries are currently 3-4 weeks.

Via Twitter
Hey @ChocoCo, how did a fly get in my chocolate bar?
Hey @Sore Customer, we’re really sorry about the fly. If you’d like to contact us directly at xxx then we’ll make sure you have a years’ worth of fly free chocolate.

Result for client: win
Result for Choco Co, public PR of great customer service.

Just a few other things company’s use social media for - prize draws, special offers.

But one other thing to remember - marketing teams think they should be all over social media, because it’s free, even if they’ve got nothing worth saying or sharing.

Reading your post, I thought the customer was requesting an air delivery of chocolate! :smiley:

Yeah, I guess today’s social media consumer can be equated to yesterday’s coupon clipper/sweepstakes entrant. Maybe if I were one of those folk I see who are always on their phones, this would be something I’d do. But I’m not, so it struck me as odd. Hell, I don’t even go on social media regularly enough to see what is going on w/ family members!