Social Media Question - copy and paste, do not share

So, many moons ago my Facebook feed was graced with an emoji laden post from someone that doesn’t like cancer. Someone that was allegedly crying because cancer is bad and people have it. Someone that then looked out her window and saw people not crying about cancer, thereby confirming her moral superiority.

This person then became filled with righteous indignation at all the peoples of the world that don’t “give a hoot” ( her words ) about cancer.

But this person, caring genius that she is, had a solution! No, not for curing cancer or alleviating suffering or anything, but a solution nonetheless.

I and the other Facebookers could rectify our indifference and prove that we care about cancer by copy and pasting her status ( the technical term for her drivel ) to our own pages for only one hour! And she was kind enough to provide explicit instructions for doing so. But it was VERY VERY important that we copy and paste and not SHARE. Because sharing is evil and actually causes cancer ( she didn’t come right and say it, but she made it clear that sharing was bad and we shouldn’t do it ).

Now, I’ve seen this “copy and paste, don’t share” thing accompanying lots of stuff on Facebook. Usually boring and stupid stuff.

So, my question is — What is behind the admonition to copy and paste instead of sharing. Does it propagate the drivel faster? Does it give someone more “credit” with TPTB that track such things. Does it improve one’s social media rankings, whatever that means? And why for just one hour, which also seems typical? I’m really curious about this.

In general, it could be:
A) Her privacy settings are such that you cannot share her stuff with people who are not her friends on Facebook.
B) She believes people are more likely to read something that appears to come directly from a friend/acquaintance rather than something that’s shared from a total stranger.
C) She’s paranoid and believes Facebook is silencing her account, so she wants redundant copies out there when “they” come and delete THE TRUTH.

The one hour thing is weird, though.

The “one hour” thing I think is a leftover from when a post really was your “status message”. It’s a “post this thing and don’t post anything to supersede it for at just an hour” thing.

And the “copy and paste, don’t share” is, as mentioned, probably to get a wider spread, since you sometimes have to deliberately go “one level in” to get the original post to share, or you’ll be restricted by the privacy settings of the person who shared.

It is a way to game the Facebook algorithm and result in more posts about a particular topic. Creating more awareness. If you only share, then that is not a new post.