Socks Made in the USA

Drymax socks for working out. Nothing, and I mean nothing comes close to these puppies for working out. For staying warm, you want yer Smartwool, but for unsurpassed wicking, flat stitching, no chafing and overall comfort, you want Drymax.

Thorlos are the best socks I’ve ever worn - I hardly ever wear anything else anymore. Made in North Carolina. They’re not cheap though, but totally worth it to me. Help to alleviate my heel pain.

Why is North Carolina the Mecca of Socks?

From the Wikipedia article on North Carolina, “The textile industry, which was once a mainstay of the state’s economy, has been steadily losing jobs to producers in Latin America and Asia for the past 25 years, though the state remains the largest textile employer in the United States.”

I’m knitting myself a pair here in my living room. Does that count?

Socks seem like the one article of clothing where it’s easy to find American-made items on store shelves. I found that when comparing equivalent socks, those made in the US cost no more than those made in China, Korea, or Pakistan. I’ve got a ton of socks of all kinds, and I don’t think there’s a single pair that aren’t made in the United States. I do go out of my way to look at where they’re made before I buy.

There’s large sock mills in Wisconsin (Wigwam) and Vermont (Cabot), too.