Sod the paraphernalia at the medal ceremonies

Why are the Greek making such a song and dance of the medal ceremomies. Look, the players just want their medal and then their minute on the podium mouthing the words of their song. Get rid of the flowers and especially get rid of those stupid laurels.

When that Jap won the breaststroke gold, the poor guy was like “shall I, sha’n’t I?” as he waited for his name to be announced so he could get on that podium. There was more head bobbing than there’d been in the pool. No wonder, every time he thought they were announcing his name in Greek, they were still giving details of the silver medallist’s bouquet, or the name of the really ugly Greek woman who was trying to kiss the American fellow three times - the “Greek” way, as she would no doubt claim, but she looked to me as if she hadn’t had any for months.

And one more thing. If you’re gonna have all the kissing, then the men who dish out the medals should kiss the men as well as the women. Most of them are better looking (check out the weight-lifting) and for heaven’s sake, this IS Greece.

Why do you give a shit? Let them have their fun. It makes for good television, at any rate.

The headgear is a tradition from the ancient Olympics. (Though only the champion got it - there were no silver or bronze on Olympia.)

And “Jap” is not a very nice word.

Good television? You kidding? The ceremony drags on interminably, while these menopausal women get their kicks.

“To the *winner * the spoils” - okay. But you get a dead heat in a relay and there’s more laurels than you can poke a stick at tilting at funny angles on players’ heads and falling off as they try to avoid being goosed. Not to mention the environmental damage as all those laurel bushes are defoliated.

Get with the program, man!

I think the laurel crowns are awesome. So nah.

I am far from an expert of any kind on style. But after seeing prime-specimen-type-athlete guys wearing them and looking like dorks, I have decided laurel wreathes belong in the ‘Don’t do’ list of fashion choices.


I don’t know how it is in HK but in the states, “Jap” is considered to be very offensive. I’m guessing you didn’t mean it to be but people are going to jump on you for it if you keep doing it.

As for your OP…yeah, it’s kind of drawn out but as an ancient history buff I kind of like the laurels and all the Classical Greek trappings in general.

Sandpit or barbeque pit?

Incidentally, those are olive branches, not laurels. The Greeks are mixing their mythologies a bit.

Not half, Alessan. No wonder these guys lost out to the Spartans.

Oh shut up Roger the athletes worked their bums off to be there. Athens worked it’s bum off to be ready. Just sit on your couch and shut your gob while those who did the work have their moment in the sun.

I agree!

But while we’re on funny-looking things, I need to shoot whoever designed the pants to the Aussie medal ceremony uniform. There are 3/4 type things, and they just look stupid. Just make them long pants, dammit!

I hate to agree (well no I don’t :wink: ) but what was up with the Aussies icky opening ceremony jackets!

The athletes do all their training, get all their jabs, etc. and then these Greek twats try and steal their thunder at the medal presentations. Less is more. Ars latet artem and all that. That one’s 'specially for Dio.

Perhaps, but in this case I enjoy some of the ars. De gustibus non est disputandem.

Ah, a cynic *and * a cultural relativist.

Aren’t we all?

Perhaps they’re just not appealing to the right gustatus for you. What if the prefixed each medal ceremony with a performance of beautiful, nude Greek women portraying goddesses.

It would still be unnecessary and would be a distraction and would detract from the moment for the winners. The arse (not the ars) would indeed latet the artem, but would you mind as much?

Not that olive branches and laurels are in the same ballpark as beautiful, nude, Greek women (far, far, far. far from it) but perhaps their just not shooting low enough for you? :wink:

(And lest you think I’m a snob, I’ll take the strippers over the historical evocations any day of the week)


You can’t have nakred Greek birds unless you also have naked Greek blokes. Got to cater for every taste. Then you run into all sorts of problems regarding perfect bodies and the kind of message that this sends out to our kids, not to mention people lackign a perfect body.

No. Cut the crap and hang those medals round their necks. Raise the flags, shed a tear or two, put your hand on your heart, do a Black Power salute or whatever, and go do your interviews.

Yeah! Quit wasting all our time, you damn Greeks! Why can’t you just Fed-Ex the medals to the athletes’ homes and save us all the trouble! We need more sand volleyball boobies, dammit!!

Laurel or olive, I think the wreaths are cool. Sure they’re mixing mythologies etc, but didn’t they also wrestle to the death in the old days (Hmm, Israel & Iran might have been a pretty interesting match at that!)?

As for the flowers, the South African swim team was rather amusing to watch last night at the medal cermony…damn fine race by the way.

And since I’m rambling…I think I’m in love with the entire Australian women’s gymnastics team (the ones over age 18 that is).