Soda Club

I’ve taken the leap and got my Soda Club stuff this weekend. So far I’m pretty excited about saving some money, saving the environment (a little bit) and making my own strange soda creations at home.

Anyone else use Soda Club? And why is my homemade soda not quite as fizzy as I expected it to be? I’m only on my 3rd liter, but it really seems like it should be bubblier.

They don’t have black cherry flavor. Or even cherry. I can’t believe it. I love black cherry soda, and cherry colas have been a classic at soda fountains since the beginning.

I may have to try it. I like my soda less fizzy than commercial soda. Not flat, but not quite as fizzy as it usually comes.

I have one and I like it. I mainly use it for making tonic water. Also the fruit flavors are pretty good. I especially like the Pink Grapefruit flavor. However, their colas and Dr Pepper knockoffs suck big time.

How cold is the water you are using? Try cooling the water to as close to freezing as you can and refrigerate the bottles and any part of the equipment beforehand that you can. The colder you keep everything, the more CO[sub]2[/sub] you should get into solution.

Check out the page for seltzer in OP’s link. A prominent kosher symbol, testimonials from people in New York City, and the promise that you won’t have to “schlep” any soda cans. Apparently somebody in marketing decided to reach out.

The stuff, at least the syrups, are made in Israel.

I agree with a previous poster that really only the fruit flavors are any good. But fear not – ignore their soda mixes and just buy some Torini syrups instead: they come in a wide variety of flavors, even sugar free (splenda-based) if you want. Call it an “italian soda” if you want to be exotic.

Check the About Us / Company History in their corporate site. Definatley Israeli.