Sodomy laws repealed in Arizona!

News item: Gov. Jane Hull has signed an order repealing Arizona’s sodomy and cohabitation laws. Well, fabulous!

One down, how many is it? 30? to go.

If you feel like it, write the governor to congratulate her. Her website with contact info is here:

Cohabitation laws? Please tell me I heard wrong… cohabitation laws?

How did that work?


Where have you guys been? I announced the the AZ-Sodomfest this morning.

Yes, “open and notorious” cohabitation has been illegal in Arizona since 1901 along with sodomy, oral sex and as well as any non-procreative hetero sex. Lots of states have such rarely (usually unfairly) enforced laws but replealing them is unusual.

Wouldn’t you know it? Arizona lifts the restrictions on sodomy, and my state enacts a statute making beastiality criminal.

As a longterm resident of Tucson, Arizona, and occasional fugitive from justice, I just want to revel for a moment in my freedom to do what I was gonna do anyway, laws be darned.

I’d just like to thank Jane for clarifying her position with this little quote…

“People should not interpret my signature on this bill as a signal that I condone all the conduct that this bill makes lawful,” Hull said.

“I don’t,” she continued, “but I choose not to judge the conduct of others, even when I know others will judge me for signing this bill.”

Ya know, I don’t condone a lot of things she does either. Like that whole cattle prod/latex thong incident. shudder
But I’m willing to give her credit for being able to separate personal distaste from legal discrimination.

I’m darned grateful she signed it, if for nothing else than to shut up some of the “Of course it’s wrong, it’s illegal” crowd.

But why would a gelding care?

It’s always refreshing to see politicians who can, as MrVisible says, put aside their personal feelings in favour of what’s “right” (any Canadians remember Vanderzalm’s infamous ‘there shall be no abortions in B.C. as long as I’m Premier, regardless of what the people want?’). I’ve always liked to believe that if I ever went into politics, I would have the integrity to go along with what my constituents want over my own personal feelings (admittedly enforcing what Churchill called ‘the tyranny of the masses’).

[sub]This post brought to you by three bottles of Rickard’s Red.[/sub]

Gelding, are you in Iowa? I could have sworn my husband just mentioned that the other day.
See, he is from the city, and I grew up in the sticks with alot of farm kids.
I know he made a crack about the people where I grew up were going to be awful upset.

Way to go Arizona!!!

If I want a laugh I had better go check Fred’s website and see how soon he is going to start picketing there flying Arizona’s flag upside down. I’'ve heard so much of his crap I could probably write the darned fax myself. I still have an extra copy of “Ain’t Nobody’s Business If I Do”, by Peter McWilliams, I could send him.

Fred who?


It’s too bad I can’t get to AZ at the moment - will someone out there please promise to engage in kinky sex in my honor?

As an Arizonan, I do hereby swear that I will engage in lewd, lascivious behavior of the type de-criminalized by this bill this weekend at a seedy hotel with my girlfriend.

This pledge is offered in honor of you poor suckers (or non-suckers, for those of you among the law-abiding) in other states that have yet to progress beyond the oppression of codified (and misrepresented) Judeo-Christian mores.

Stand tall and bend low.