Sods law.

You spot 5 or more interesting threads on the SDMB, but there’s a good film on TV that you don’t want to miss.


And this is why VCRs were invented. Or have you not bothered to father a child in order to have it programmed yet?

Sounds a bit like Murphy’s Law. :wink:

Of course, one could multitask and watch TV and read this board during the commercials and boring parts.

This is why the TV is three feet from the computer.

Actually, I spot several threads that I want to view, but they timeout when I open them - or when I reply to them…

What I want to know is if it annoys a dog so much when you blow on their face, why do they hang their head out the car window when they’re riding with you?

Maybe it’s people’s breath that bothers them. Or maybe you should start compiling a no-garlic cookbook, Zen!

A our house the dish is connected to the computer so you can watch and surf at the same time without even turning your head :smiley:

That’s why God invented TV tuner cards for the computer.

How do they thread the film into the TV?


lots of tiny well trained monkeys.

GAH! :mad:

It’s always tiny, well trained monkeys.
I’m going to do something about that…
[leaves door open as he storms out of building, a supply of catheters in hand…]