Softball Bats

Need to buy 2 metal bats for an adult co-ed slow pitch softball team. Varied ability/age/gender. Please help me by suggesting two sizes/weights that would be best to generically support this group. Thanks.

A 27-ounce bat will accommodate players of any skill level.

If the bats are of any sort of quality and are accredited by national softball associations - you’ll see the labels all over the bats - the “size” will be about the same no matter the weight.

A 27 ounce bat will do everyone just fine. If you have strong players with a high level of skill they might prefer a 28-ounce bat but it won’t do them much harm to use a 27-ounce bat.

When I was young and strong I used a heavier bat. I went to the cages last summer and used my old bat from when I was 16 and I could swing it but I got tired really quick. And I am still kind of strong. Then I used my friend’s lighter bat and it was like I was totally refreshed!

Anyway, I agree go for the lower end of the weight choices. Unless you’ve got a team full of super strong folks, the lighter bats will be a nice fit for everyone. If someone is truly not able to do their best with a 27oz bat, they can go to the used sports shop and get their own.

27-28oz are most common. 30oz is on the heavy side. And do check which sanctioning organization’s rules your league is applying (e.g. USSSA, ASA, NSA, other) or just get a bat with everyone’s stamp of approval.

Be prepared for teams (at least in the leagues I play in) to have $200-300 double-walled homerun whenever they want to bats.

Thanks to all. Great tips

It’s incredible what a difference the bat makes. Several years ago a guy on my team bought a USSSA Miken Freak halfway through the season and our home run total went through the roof. Pre-Miken, I was the team leader with like 2 or 3 home runs and post-Miken we were hitting our 3 HR limit in most games. And USSSA sanctioning seems to be the most liberal in terms of what’s legal.

Louisville Slugger Xeno Composite Bat. Not a long shelf life but man the ball flies.

Always consult with league rules about allowable bats; many are quite restrictive, in part to avoid the league becoming a home run festival (a la Barkis is Willin, and he’s not kidding about the Miken Freak, it will crush the ball) and also to prevent an arms race where every team has to spend a pile of money on top notch bats to be able to compete.

In my league there is an extensive list of prohibited bats, and every bat used has to be verified by an ump or league official and have a sticker affixed to it. It’s a good rule. Keeps the playing field a bit level and you don’t have to be rich to keep up.