Software for Recording Computer Screen?

I have windows 7. I want to record whats on my computer. screen for about 10 minutes so i can watch it later on or later on. I want something thats very simple.
Any recommendations?

I use Replay Media Catcher. It’s a pay program but there’s a trial version so you can test it out.

The trick is to get the video to start playing, set the capture window, start the capture, and restart the video. Not always easy depending on the app playing the video.

If it’s a YouTube, you can save it in a YouTube playlist, put a another short video ahead of it, then start your playlist, and set up the rest of the stuff while the preliminary video is playing. The second video, your target video, will automatically start when the first one ends, so just time your recording start to match that juncture and hit Go…

The homepage of the website says -

You can capture 100% length of all YouTube videos, and 50% length of everything else

I don’t understand. Why 100% for YouTube and only 50% for everything else?:confused:

Open Broadcaster is free and will do pretty much anything in terms of screen recording.

That’s for the trial version. The pay version has no such restriction.

I’m not to thrilled with it personally, but you can try Cam Studio. It’s free and plenty of other people seem to like it.

I tried it just last week and then spent 1/2 hour removing the malware that came along for the ride. It started inserting ads on web pages and starting turning large numbers of keywords in the text into links to ads.

I never had that problem. Of course with any freeware I choose manual install as a lot of freeware programs these days bundle a bunch of other crap with them. I wish they’d quit doing that.

Here’s the Wikipedia article on CamStudio. Doesn’t look good.

Check out Jing or Evernote.