Solders do they feed you those indistructable sandwiches?

The armed forces had indistructable sandwichs that lasted almost forever researched and made in the 21st century. They said that the troops would get them in Iraq because they stayed moist and edable in adverse conditions. Did they feed you these at any point? Do they now? Did their taste make you wish you never saw one? Not counting when your famished, because you’ll wolf anything down at that point.

I never saw those, though I did get to experience “shelf stable” bread. Not too bad, not bad at all. The real bonus to making non-spoiling bread products, they brought back the pound cake, a C-ration staple. The lemon pound cade was excellent, and I would buy them if they were available. Field rations have definitely improved, at least taste-wise.

Thanks for the input Common Tater. Anybody else should give their take on it. The sandwiches had encapulated substances on them and maybe in them.

As has been discussed before, nowadays, troops in the field are getting MRE’s when they don’t have access to mess hall food, and MRE’s are, in spite of some detractors, generally agreed-upon as being decent meals (many ex-military go so far as to pick up a few at surplus stores and keep them in their desks at work or in emergency kits).

The new pound cakes are truly decent snack food. I keep a couple in the filing cabinet at work for those times when I work through lunch. Ditto the full MREs. They actually test these things and change them to fit the feedback they get from the troops who have to eat them. A far cry from “C” rations, or LRRPS, for that matter.

I didn’t think they were horrendous. I wondered if they were as bad as having to eat the same fast food tastless stuff everyday. I wondered if after developing it they are using it or if it was just so many millions down the tiolet.

I understand the the mess food is good. Do they send this stuff out with the units in the field packs?

Pound cake is still one of my favorite baked goods. Rich and moist ummm.

See here for all you need to know about military food procurement.