Solitaires Journey PC game

Do any of you have this game? I am looking for scores to compete against in the tournament section.I have been playing the Arachnaphobia Tourney, best score so far is 506.If you have played this game please give me all your best tourney results so I have something to shoot for,thanks.


I’ve been moving my copy of Solitaire’s Journey onto each new computer I’ve gotten since I got the game in 92 or 93. The best tournament scores on my computer:
Gold Rush: 476
Arachnaphobia: 625
International: 439
Nine Holes of Golf: 412
Royalty: 378
Luck of the Draw: 421

I know better scores all around can be found on my parent’s computer (Mom plays this game just about every day), but that’s a few states away from me. I used to buy her a new Solitaire game every Christmas, but nothing ever really topped this one for whatever reason.

I thought you were talking about the Journey arcade game. Don’t let the mole down is my only advice… Steve Perry must live!

Thanks fiddlesticks gives me something to shoot for.I will post my scores when I beat yours. :wink: