some asshat tried to stab the GOP candidate for CA-15

Castro Valley Man Accused Of Switchblade Assault On GOP Congressional Candidate

His opponent tweeted this:

I wonder if this was inspired by the stabbing of Brazilian presidential candidate Jair Bolsonaro.

I know nothing about the race or those candidates, and I applaud his opponent for getting that statement out there.

People should not get stabbed.

Man, people are out to get Republican politicians like they are black men or something.

Or just…angry, crazy person who happened to realize that he had a knife on his person. If you’re inspired to do something, you don’t get into an argument first, you just slide up and stabbity when they’re not expecting it.

And they say those gun-free zones don’t work.

How does a knife malfunction?

It said it was a switchblade.

Obviously a false flag operation.

My first thought as well.

If a gun can jam, why not a switchblade? Spring halfway open, internal spring goes sproing, and there you are, all stabbity in your raging heart and your stabber at half mast.

need some common sense knife control.

Actually, in many jurisdictions switchblades are illegal.

I thought of that, but it’s still quite an odd way to phrase it. And if you take a switchblade out of your pocket, but it doesn’t open, does that still count as an attempt to stab someone? I’m not suggesting that the candidate just wait around at that point, or help the guy to get the switchblade open, but it’s not clear to me exactly what happened. In the full article, it says Fazeli only took out the switchblade after Peters had already wrestled him to the ground.

It’s too bad the OP didn’t post this in Great Debates so we could hear arguments from both sides.

I’m struggling to see if the OP was being funny about an American knowing anything about Brazil, let alone Brazilian politics.

I’m waiting until all the facts are in before making a judgement.

What judgement is to be made?

Seriously, what’s he thesis of the OP? ‘Stabbing people is bad’?

I think it’s just an expression of dismay that conservative white men are having their civil rights threatened.

And that expression is intended unironically.

And so is cops shooting unarmed black people. But we seem to find it necessary have the same debates, with the same talking points, every time that happens. So, I was just covering one of those well worn bases here.


Whoah, hey now. Let’s not say things we can’t take back.