Some boyfriends send flowers; unfortunately my boyfriend is not one of them

I’ve been doing the LDR thing with my boyfriend, Daniel, for the past year. Between the 350 miles of separation, him being in the Navy, and me never home because of either school or work, things can get a little frustrating.

I usually bottle up all the stress and frustration until I can’t take it anymore and I explode. This, of course, results in us arguing.

A few nights ago I could feel the stress starting to get to me so I decided to send him an email warning him that I’m on edge and that he should probably try to contact me in the hopes of preventing yet another fight.

This morning I was walking to class when my phone begins ringing. It was my neighbor. Since I ordered some books I had left a note for all packages to be delivered to her place if I wasn’t home. She told me I got a package from 1 800 flowers. I gave her permission to open it since there might have been some flowers in there that needed light. She opens it and starts laughing.

This is what he sent me.

He just doesn’t get it, does he?

He’s the type that will buy you a nice wool coat instead of a silk sweater.

On the other hand, he will probably buy you a nice, high quality 100 % cotton terry cloth robe instead of useless acetate lingerie.

Unless you’re a vegetarian, he’s not too bad.

Oh, try sending him flowers; then you’ll both know what the other really wants.

You might also try something a little more sneaky. Have one of his friends recomend 1800 flowers more often.

I used to completely forget my SO when I traveled. She never complained. A friend of mine told me that he ALWAYS sent flowers the frist day he had to be away, and that it always led to an energetic encounter on his return.

In my case it was not that I did not care, I simply never thought of it. I never expected, desired, or gave any brain power whatsoever to recieving flowers or anything else when my SO was gone. So, It never occurred to me to do so when I was gone. I certainly did think about her often. (every other minute or so) But I never thought to tell her about it.

Just MHO

Maybe the sausages were supposed to make you think of him?


I’m getting my revenge. At first I was going to send him a book on communications in relationships as a joke. Then my neighbor suggested something even better. Unfortunately I can’t post what I got him yet. He tends to look through my posting history so that’ll ruin the surprise. I did tell him to check his mail in a week though.

Thank you Biffy. It’s always nice to get a flower.

Can you email the surprise to those of us who don’t have the patience or the attention span to wait till next week?

Anyone who wants to know send me an email. I’ll try to get back to you as soon as possible.

Oh, and please put SDMB in the title so I don’t think it’s spam.

What a mixup! His Filipino boyfriend gets the flowers and his girlfriend gets the sausages! Hilarity ensues!

If you haven’t seen it, it’s NEW to you!

1800FLOWERS has a turn around of about a week.
ShadiRoxan started the throw down two days ago.
So, while she seem to be implying that the sausage was ordered in response to her prompting, this is not the case.

pervert, we don’t have any mutual friends, really.
elfbabe has the idea.
astro, you promised you wouldn’t tell her about us until after the wedding… did you like the flowers, lover?

I started the thread before I knew it took a week to get here.

I never really worried about competition from other girls, but now I’m gonna be suspicious every time I see a Filipino man.

Gosh, what a lout, sending you an expensive gift when you said you were in a bad mood.

…and I should have read the whole thread before posting. I meant “Gosh, what a lout, sending you an expensive gift before you said you were in a bad mood.”

Rant to follow, mostly off-topic.

Just as a warning to those of you who use 1-800 Flowers…

You are wasting a good percentage of the money you spend with them. will help find a florist in the area you need to send to. Information will help. Heck, I will help. E-mail me with SDMB-Flowershop in the message line (SDMB will do, probably) and I will e-mail back several suggestions, if there are any shops in the area. (There are some areas without shops, but there’s usually a shop that will serve the area.) Google will work.

I-800 charges a fee to use your credit card. They charge a delivery fee. They DO NOT give the filling florist the delivery fee. They keep about 30% of the money that supposedly goes to the cost of the flowers.

I sent a dozen roses on a 1-800 order, and the guy thought they were nicer than his regular florists. He called me to tell me how nice, but that we were too expensive. After further discussion, I found out he’d paid $59.99 for the roses, $8.99 for delivery, a percentage of the cost (8%, I think) to use his credit card, and tax. We charge $55 for the roses, $5 for delivery, plus tax. And our tax is lower than New Jersey’s tax.

We are now his regular florist. He has our fax, 1-800 number and e-mail address with him at all times. From overseas, or for one of their gift packs, 1-800 is marginally acceptable. Otherwise, you’re wasting money and cutting the local merchant out of a profit margin.

End rant.

ShadiRoxan, at least he thought about you. I just hope MY Dan doesn’t see this.

I’ve been contacting local florists directly for a few years now and my experiences have ALWAYS been Excellent! It’s so easy to look up their numbers on the Internet, and it’s fun to tell the person who’s going to design the flowers exactly why I’m ordering them. In fact, people think I have incredible taste flowers and/or knowledge about them and neither of those is the case - I just trust the florist!

Weeeeeeeell, it is a sweet thought.

[anecdote]Before my wife and I got married, I come home from work and she’s frowning at me. She was upset.

She had gotten called to the front office at her work and someone said “Maybe he sent you flowers.” She got herself in a good mood and when there was no flowers she was hurt. She got mad at me.

She didn’t get flowers for a while after that. I refused to do it[/anecdote]

I wish my boyfriend would send me ANY sort of gift! lol

yup … it is a tricky path to walk, isn’t it Odin

Sweet lady I’m seeing leaves for work on Mondays at an unGodly hour, way before I have to pack out for my own day (even accounting for the hour drive back to my home digs) …
I thought it would be cute to leave a note on her pillow …
NOW I get …
“And I got home and made myself wait until bedtime to see if there was a note on my pillow … I would have been so sad and disappointed if it hadn’t been there …”

But, I got to agree … nothing says “I had No Idea What to Give You” like a box of sausage food-stuffs delivered from a 1-800 delivery service! Cracked me up!!!

You know, either he has a really rich sense of humor or he was truly trying to be thoughtful and isn’t in touch with his feminine side. Either way, I think you should appreciate the thought.

And on a serious note, if you need someone who constantly gives you flowers and affirms their feelings for lest you explode into a rage, sounds like you’re going out with the wrong guy. He’s in the Navy (which means he’ll be absent for long periods of time) AND he’s clearly not a touchy-feely guy. If this relationship is going to work, sounds like one of you is going to have to change.

Enjoy the sausage.