Some brain

I got this sheet of paper…and all it says on it is this: I.Q TEST, Here are some real puzzlers for u! Decipher the hidden meanings of each set of Words.

Ok…I’ll give u an example of one I figured out…Its pretty straightforward.

  1. EILNPU = Lineup

  2. Arrest = You’re UNDER arrest :slight_smile:

  3. pict re = U out of the picture.

Tricky farts arent they, but really logical in some way or another.

Ok now the ones I have problems with is this:

  1. P

  2. B ILL ED

  3. polmomice

I’d be greatly thankful if any of you could help me with this :slight_smile:


The “P” is supposed to be above the “A” and the “Y” is supposed to be below the “A”

  1. Pay through the nose.

1)Pay through the nose (NOs)
2)ILL in bed
3) Since this says ‘Mom’ rather than ‘Mum’ it’s probbaly an American expression I’m not familiar with. Think along the lines of police around Mom or Mom in the police.

WOW! Thanks to Lance Turbo and Gaspode for their help!! that sure was quick…I have another one for u guys…Its


any theories?

“There’s a train at 4:04,” said Miss Jenny.

“Four tickets I’ll take; have you any?”

Siad the man at the door,

"Not four for 4:04,

For four for 4:04 is too many."
(OK, probably not relevant)

Here’s one that stumps everyone I ask, although I thought it was quite simple when I figured it out:


tip-toe through the tulips ?

cerebrum, your answer to EILNPU is wrong. The answer is “line up in alphabetical order”.

Also “pict re” would make more sense if it were “pict e”, giving “U R out of the picture”.

I would have thought that B ILL ED meant billed in installments.

polmomice - Mother-in-law