Some Farscape questions (open spoilers for the entire run of the series)

OK, I’ll try to avoid putting any spoilers in before the mouseover ends, but as I use Firefox, I only get mouseovers of about a sentence or two instead of half a dozen or so.

I just last night finished watching all of Farscape (including the movie), and I have a few questions. A lot of times I would watch an episode and feel that I was missing something.

  1. Why did Aeryn initially lie about who the father of her child was? What purpose was served by that?

  2. What was the deal with Chianna’s eyes? She had this eye thing going on, but they never explained why or how.

  3. Sekozu as the spy didn’t really fit. It felt tacked on, because they didn’t want to make it the more obvious ugly guy (can’t remember his name). Even Stark would’ve been a better choice for the spy. Were there ever any clues that it was Sekozu?

And a general observation: I hated that the last few episodes of season 4 and the movie didn’t have as much to do with the ship as earlier. Plus, I hated that they changed Pilot’s voice in the movie, so that you could distinctly hear Lani Tupu’s voice through it.

Yeah, the final season of Farscape blew dead rats. Really awful – completely incoherent, illogical nonsense.

Aeryn was having trouble dealing with the death of TalynJohn and her emotions regarding him. She didn’t want to get too close with MoyaJohn because she didn’t want to open herself up to getting hurt again and realized that if she admitted the child was his (more or less) then he would try that much harder to bring them together (and probably the others would encourage it as well).

She lies to the Scarrans about it simply because she didn’t want them to realize the significance of it.

In the season 3 episode Losing Time Chiana gets briefly posessed by an energy parasite. Somehow this gives her some precognative ability. She sometimes sees things before they happen but she has no control over it.

Between seasons 3 and 4 this changes. Instead of seeing the future she sees the present, only vastly slowed down. She does have control over this but every time she uses this ability she goes blind for longer periods of time.

It was never explained why the ability changed but both aspects were due to the original energy parasite.

There were a few clues that something was up with Sikozu. In the episode in which she is introduced someone accuses her of being with the Scarrans because of some Scarran currency in her posession but she says that is just because she came from Scarran space. She often states that she plans to leave the others whenever she gets a chance. Then, in one episode, a character asks her to stay with him and she insists that she cannot because she has to stay with the others (despite her earlier protests). Later, towards the end of the season, she introduces herself to another character and indicates that she is working undercover, though it is strongly implied that she is part of a resistence movement and not working for the Scarrans. (It is also implied in that episode that she is in fact a bioloid.)

There were a few other minor things along the way. Quite a few people had decided that she was a spy even before the final mini-series.

Season 4 had problems. I think the main one is that they were told to start making their episodes more standalone and less arc dependant as it was felt that the show was becoming inaccessable to new viewers. They had also been told at that point that they would have a fifth season and so things were being set up for that later season and not resolved, so there were a few plot threads that didn’t seem to be going anywhere.

And I didn’t notice that much about Pilot’s voice but I though Chiana’s really sounded odd in the mini-series.

I watched some of the special features on the last disc of season 4, and it appeared that the abrupt ending was a real surprise to the cast and crew. You can see Claudia Black crying as the director (?) or someone read a critic’s article to them, and no one was laughing or joking during the meeting.

I did like a lot of season 4 stuff, like never being certain of Scorpius’s loyalties, and later on, the old woman (name starts with an ‘N’; Neranti, maybe?). Rygel showed some depth of character (pretty darn impressive when you consider he’s just a puppet), and Crichton was just as hot as ever. But mostly I was just confused.

Sikozu was a spy? For whom? Didn’t she do in a bunch of Scarrans in an ep towards the end of Season 4 (one of the “We’re So Screwed” trilogy)?

When you get right down to it, is there anything else that matters?

For the Scarrans. They promised to free her people, according to her, if she spied for them.

The man knows how to look dead sexy wearing a gun on his hip.

It was revealed during The Peacekeeper Wars that she was spying for the Scarrans. When Scorpius confronted her she claimed she did it because the Scarrans promised to free her people from servitude, but Scorpius was unimpressed.

Huh. I thought I watched both eps of the Peacekeeper Wars, but I don’t remember this bit. Either I missed it, or I’ve forgotten.


As to Aeryn’s pregnancy, I got the impression that she wasn’t completely sure it was Crichton"s herself. Sebaceans peacekeepers seemed to have the ablility to freeze an embryo just after conception and keep it that way for 7 years. She had “recreated” with Velek long before she met Crichton and it might have been his.

As for Chiana’s eyes, she had gone blind at the end of season 4’s final episode forseeing Aeryn and Crichton being crystallized. When we first see her in the PeaceKeeper Wars, she mentions getting new eyes to Dargo after she jumps out of the shuttle into his arms.

I got the feeling with Sikozu, that they were making it up as they went along. All of the sudden she’s a bioloid, and then a member of the anti-Scarran resistance and finally a Scarran spy. As for Scorpius, I never trusted him so I was okay with the ambiguity of his role in season 4.

I was bothered by the Pilot’s voice change in the mini-series. Maybe his mibvongs finally dropped.

I somehow missed the erotic allure of the gun-toting Crichton. Sikozu and Chiana however maintained my interest whenever the story didn’t.

OK, so what the frell is a bioloid? Somehow I missed that.

A bioloid is kind of a biological robot that was talked about in season 4. There was an episode where the Moya crew were on a planet trying to find a device to make them look like someone else, and find Grayza meeting with a Scarran to try to secretly divvy up some areas (give away D’argo’s people, I think). Aeryn decides she’d better kill Grayza and stop the treaty.

Anyway, Aeryn get separated from the others. When she returns (with no explanation of how she defeated a Scarran), they get suspicious, the turning point being when John asks her about the baby and she doesn’t remember it. They kill her, and she turns out to be this biological replica of Aeryn. Sikozu is the one who knows that it’s a “bioloid”.

In a later episode, Sikozu reveals that she’s a bioloid, designed to be able to kill Scarrans, as part of her people’s resistance movement. (Which is why I have trouble accepting her as a Scarran spy.)

Thanks. I see I’m going to have to get the season four DVDs and rewatch. I’m pretty fuzzy on a lot of what happened. I don’t think I could pass a test on much that happened after Jool decided to leave.

I’ve been doing just that. Fry’s lately has been marking down Farscape DVD collections, so I’ve been picking up the 4-5 ep collections for about $15 each. (I imagine they’re clearing them out, as they don’t seem to be restocking).