Some favorite scenes in fiction (some spoilers)

War and Peace (Tolstoy)—Prince Andrei, injured in the war, is roused in his hospital bed by the screams of an unseen patient whose leg is being amputated, who he discovers is his doppelganger, Anatol Kuragin.

    Ancient Evenings (Mailer)---Not a great novel by any means but the opening scene of the hero and his family cruising up the Nile in nervous anticipation of an audience with the Pharoah is simply thrilling. 

    The Grapes of Wrath (Steinbeck)--- Rose O'Sharon, heavy with milk, nurses the dying grandfather in the unbelievably powerful closing pages of the novel.

    My Name is Asher Lev (Potok)---The Jewish parents of our artist-hero attend the exhibition of his painting, a Crucifixion scene. 

    Gone With the Wind (Mitchell)---An anxious Scarlett's approach to Tara after the war. 

    Sophie's Choice---The narrator, Stingo, accidentally sees Sophie without her dentures. 

    Except for Me and Thee (West)---The Quaker parents exchange a silent look as their child unwittingly makes a remark while playing with a puppy that was the beloved pet of another one of their children who has recently died. 

     A Death in the Family---A father and his young son watch a Chaplin movie