Some features I would like to see..

[li]Have a reply button for individual posts without quoting the entire post.[/li][li]Some kind of text saying who an unquoted reply was intended for[/li][li]some kind of avatars[/li][li]special names for people who reach certain posting counts (i.e. on a roll poster after reacing 100 posts)[/li][/ul] :cool:

To say who a reply is intended for, start with their name in bold, as I did. This is good practice in general, as “simulposts” from other people may intervene while you are composing, and it looks like you are answering the wrong person.

Yeah, avitars! and funny titles! Been suggested, but the board is too straightlaced for that, I’m afraid. (Yeah they cite other reasons, but “Just not into fun” is part of it.) **

That is just too much work.

*Originally posted by kputt *
[ul][li]Have a reply button for individual posts without quoting the entire post.[/ul][/li][/QUOTE]
How would this possibly work? How would it know which part of the post you wanted quoted?

I’m not sure how you think this should be automated. If I just start typing into the reply box, how is the software supposed to know to whom I’m talking?

A method for replying to individual posts, rather than threads, would be a complete change in the setup here. Some message boards use such a nested setup, and some use a thread setup like here. If anything, I would say I prefer our setup, since it preserves the flow of the whole conversation.

Avatars are turned off for a variety of reasons, mostly the same as the reasons we have other images turned off: They eat up bandwidth, and it’d be a nightmare for administrators to police them to make sure they’re not inappropriate and that they don’t violate copyright. Yes, I know that some boards don’t worry about copyright. We’re not one of those boards.

Custom titles for post counts are something which, if we had them, we would be trying very hard to turn off. There’s already a tendancy for some members to feel elitist about post counts, to the point where we’ve had people post idiotic things just to get to the next milestone. It’s bad enough as it is, without giving custom titles to make folks even more jealous.

One other point about added features: The administration here absolutely will not do anything which requires changing the source code to vBulletin (a hack). Although they’re allowed to do so, such modifications can often have really icky side effects, and they make it much more difficult or impossible to get support. Custom titles and avatars could be turned on at the flip of a switch, if we wanted them (which we don’t), and some minor changes like the spoiler tag, superscript, and subscript can be made by changing settings, but things like individual post replies would require a hack which the admins here won’t do.

Yeah, vB has lotsa features like on your wish list. But avatars, image uploads, polls, and other stuff just add more load on the hamsters, who are overworked and underloved already.

The “special name” function can be enabled by admins pretty easily, and I wouldn’t expect it to affect the server load much. But I agree with Chronos – consider this one vote for “we don’t need 'em.”

Pretty simple. First, (getting this idea of another web forum that no longer exists) have a button on top of each post that says reply. Then, you would save that in a database table/column (that’s what I would do). After that, it would take you to a screen with the post you wanted to reply to, and then you pick at that.

Maybe that would be too much for the dopers servers, but that’s what I would do.

Aren’t spoiler boxes a hack?

I’m using the beta version of vbulletin 3 at another board. The mods are going to love the new version; it makes tracking users much easier.

ANother thing I am going to add to this list is to screen for foul language.


If you add censorship into the software, you limit some discussions. Try accessing info on breast cancer on a library computer and you’ll see what I mean. The Dope seems to censor itself fairly wel, for the most part. Besides, it is an adult(ish) forum.

NoClueBoy, I cannot agree with you more. This is an adult forum as you’ve said. Think of all the TMI threads we would deprive ourselves of…!
The only thing I’d like to see added is a strike-through vB tag. (Unless we have one and I’ve missed it…in which case just ignore me).

Not all adults like foul language. Actually, some may find it extremely offensive. I’m one of them.

Then don’t ever read the BBQ Pit forum. Unless you want to be offended.

Not all adults find foul language extremely offensive. Actually, some like it. I’m one of them.

War out, USCDiver



Wild Turkey!

oh, wait… that’s fowl language… carry on

Censorship is easy to do from the Admin control panel. The SDMB, like most boards, has decided not to use this. I only censor HTML and javascript tricks myself.

I would like a car that knows where you want to go and drives you there.
A book that reads itself would be cool.
A device to manipulate time. Can I have that yesterday?

A toaster made entirely of cheese.

Have those already, but only in test and are extremely expensive.

Another nice thing vbulletin v3 does is eliminate the double post. By default, it doesn’t let a user post the exact same post within 5 minutes. A boon for boards that are sometimes slow.

It’s a nice try by them, but it does add even more to the server load. And from testing it myself I can assure you that it does not eliminate double posting. In fact, given the performance of the SDMB currently and the increased requirements to handle a lot of the features of Version 3.0, I doubt that the SDMB is going to be that interested in upgrading any time soon. However, I don’t speak for anyone on the technical staff here.

If people would just post intelligently and have patience they wouldn’t have double posts. Such as - if the post process times out, refresh the thread via preview, see if your post made it, and if not then post again. When you see people who ought to know better do 5 posts in a row, it’s more of a human factors issue than a software one. I imagine people aren’t previewing after a timeout because it takes time to click Mr. Preview button and wait another 5 minutes for the thread to refresh. I’ve had a single post take more than an hour to do, which is one reason I’ve been unable to inflict myself on the SDMB as much as normal lately.

<<If people would just post intelligently and have patience they wouldn’t have double posts>>

Not entirely true. I’ve had double (even triple) posts just from the original “Submit,” without doing anything else and without a timeout. I guess that makes me (and scores of others) unintelligent and impatient by default, huh? :rolleyes: