Some guy just hit my car.

Yes, I’m fine as far as I can tell right now. My car is pretty much fine, although the front bumper likely will need to be replaced at a minimum (“fine” is therefore a relative term). The other driver made a wrong turn into the entrance ramp to my underground parking, and then backed up to get out. Problem was that he didn’t look before throwing his car into reverse. Although my car was about a dozen feet behind his, and I managed to hit my horn when he was about six feet away, he didn’t brake before he hit my car.

Highlights of the post-smash interaction:

[ul]“You can trust me. I live in Beverly Hills.”[/ul]

[ul]“I’m a really nice guy. Would I have such a beautiful girlfriend if I were a bad person?”[/ul]

[ul]“I have insurance. I just don’t have the card right now. And I don’t remember what company it’s with.”[/ul]

[ul]“You don’t want to make an issue of this. If you are going to report this to the police or the insurance company, I will have witnesses say that you hit me, so we should just deal with this without involving other people.”[/ul]
Guess what? Extortionate threats aren’t really a good way to get me to trust you to pay for the damage you caused. Or that’s what the police and my insurance agent said. :smiley:

Oh, and his other theory: it’s my fault for failing to get out of his way when I saw he was reversing. So, basically, I should have backed my car out onto the busy street into oncoming traffic to get out of his way. My failure to cause an accident out on the street means it’s my fault that he hit me.

Man, people can be such jackholes. Sorry for your messy situation. What nerve he had to be that way after HE caused an accident!

Be ready for court, I’m sure he’ll sue you.

I’ve been there. Oh boy have I been there.

On the upside, it feels real good when a judge points out the other person is a flaming idiot. :smiley:

What the hell were you doing there in the first place?

At that particular point in time?

Don’t you know how important he is?

<so on the scale from 1 to 10 how cute was the girlfriend?>

Going to work.

I actually took time to work out this morning. Oh, yeah, and stop at Starbucks.

Actually, his excuse for why he couldn’t give me his info, etc., is that he had to take someone to the hospital. You know, a family member. Who was, like, somewhere nearby. And he had to go get them and take them to the hospital. Um, okay. So you’d rather spend five minutes arguing with me about how I’m a b***h for asking for your insurance and license than spend two minutes exchanging information so we can both get on with our lives?

Meh. Nothing special. She looked like every other twenty-year old girl – completely cookie-cutter. Of course, I’m hardly the one to judge. I’m sure she’s a lovely girl.