Some new members are brightening our boards!

We’ve had some very good additions lately. This month has been awesome!

Welcome newbies! Glad you all signed on.


By “this month,” I meant August.

Damn time machine…

Well, I’m not glad they’re here! That means people are paying less attention to me!!

Ha ha! Just kidding! Always glad to see intelligent new people around. Yay!

Huh. Guess it wasn’t just me. Thought I’ve been seeing a lot of surprisingly articulate and amusing comments situated beneath very low numbers lately.

She’s not a brand new newbie but I wanna say that flamingbananas is totally delightful!

I’ve been particularly impressed by Hamirad-sol and Elenia28, myself. Of course, there was also nonpolar.

Two out of three isn’t bad.

SteveG1 is mostly pretty cool, except for the pet earwig.

Thanks there. To borrow from one of my earlier typos, maybe you can blast the little critter with a shitgun? :smiley:

Look, regardless of nonpolar’s later…contributions, his Where are all the women? thread is one of the funniest things I’ve ever read on these hallowed boards. And one of the scariest as well.

That is all…except, why didn’t the Class of 2/04 get a reception?! There must be hoards of us! :frowning:

Oh, I wouldn’t call you whores. And yes, I’m glad you signed on. It just seemed like this last month had a goodly number of guys like you, the three mentioned above being part of the class.

While I’m sure there have been quite a few over the last few months, these Augusters really caight my attention.

Well, Nightwatch, I don’t know about the rest of 2/04, but I had always thought you had been around forever, so you must not have had a “newbie” phase.

If you read the original nonpolar pitting, you’ll see that I’m one of the few people in there saying he had his moments but those were few and far between.


I would like to be quoted in someone’s sig, though. I better start becoming witty, I guess.

That’s the way to go, I think. I been trying to do it for THE LONGEST TIME by running nekkid thru stuff…

You know, I’ve been meaning to ask about that running nekkid through stuff thing for a while, iampunha. It certainly gets my attention, but is there a deeper purpose to it? Not that it was my attention you were trying to get, of course.

To all the newcomers to this fine, fine message hosting establishment, I offer this piece of advice:

RUN! Once the 'Dope gets its claws in you, they never let go!

… Shit! They’re after me again!! ::runs::

(Nah, I’m kidding. Or am I? In any case, welcome. Abandon all hope, etc. etc. and so forth. Oh, and ignore that asshole SPOOFE… he never knows what he’s talking about.)

I would, except that I can’t reach it from this chair. I’ve been sitting here with my knees tucked up under my chin for a bit less than thirty-four and a half hours now, afraid to let my feet touch the floor out of fear of insect life. This is an unpadded wooden chair, so needless to say my butt is extremely sore. Also, I really, really have to go to the bathroom. I’m tempted to grab my change jar off the desk, empty the change out and use that, but that is a temporary, and due to the fact that I am afraid to get off the chair to empty it in the toilet, non-reusable solution. Also, I am extremely hungry, having not eaten in about thirty-six hours, and my mother refuses to bring me food. “Go to the kitchen and get your own food, you have two good legs,” she says, not comprehending the earwig threat. I’m afraid the earwigs will get her, too, and the cats as well, and I’ll be all alone in the world, and I think asking her to empty the jar for me is probably out of the question. And, really, I should be job-hunting, because my mother lost her job yesterday, and the one I have now is just low-wage part-time temp work, which I am now unable to do due to the fact that I am stranded on this chair surrounded by flesh-eating earwigs that I cannot see, but, nonetheless know are there, and being stranded on an uncomfortable wooden chair is really not conducive to finding gainful employment.

Please, God, somebody come and rescue me…

Who’s for mounting an expedition to rescue The Asbestos Mango?

I will. Except…well…I can’t get off my chair.

I just need to find my critter-squashing shoes. I may as well warn you all that if that earwig moves, I will shriek and run away. I can squash it if it stays still.