Some new trends in SDMB?

So, I’ve been away on a nice long holiday. Kinda. And today, I find myself back in the vice that is the SDMB… during work hours… again…

Anyways, I was running through the boards, and I noticed a few things.
Firstly, and I hope I don’t offend anyone, the word “wierd” pops up a lot. Have I missed something? Is this deliberate? Like “Og”?
I have seen this is so many threads today.

Secondly, GASP! No more n00bies! No more *intro * threads!
The goats are resting and the calamaris are peaceful. :slight_smile:
How long will it last I wonder? :smiley:

And finally, Wow! There have been a lot of break-ups this season. Not only here on Dope, but I know at least 4 friends who have broken up in real life. Ummm… for those who are wondering what I mean by “real life”, I am obviously referring to my friends in Sims 2. :stuck_out_tongue:

Thats about it. Anyone got any happy news for me?

There’s been one or two threads about Bush. I think people here really, really like him. Really.

See what happens when you miss the meetings? Tread lightly, my friend. There are changes you may never comprehend.

OK, that was bullshit.

Or maybe not. The long absence makes you an outlander! :smiley:

duffer, that was just a weerd post. :wink:

I’m new. I reckon I’ve already managed to piss off various Venerable Oldies in Great Debates through being such a Tree-hugging Leftie. :stuck_out_tongue:

Hahaha, that actually sounds cool. The Outlander.
Kinda like the Highlander… only… not high… and… not in

Heh, you spelt wierd, worngly.

Oh Good Christ another one of you people. Trust me, you’ll fit right in. The only req is a hatred of Bush and undying support of the UN and the ACLU no matter what they do.
But welcome, anyway! :slight_smile:

Welcome Sally!

But we must cut down trees. Its important. For toilet paper. The recycled crap feels like scraping sandpaper over ones bottom. :smiley:

Ah, but the oldies won’t give you the satisfaction of letting you know that they’re pissed off with you. It takes several months before they will even deign to use your name. Several more months until they decide to spell it correctly. Maybe years until they bold it.

Unless, of course, you are an amazingly annoying little chit, in case four post will get you a pit thread of your very own.

If we explained the spelling of wierd then penis would ensue !!!

Yes, and who could blame him?

I used to too until noticing it in WeirdDave’s posts.