Some newly weds like it in the butt

After reading your article on three men and a baby I was disappointed that sdstaff David stated in his answer that in "The Newlywed Game, in which a contestant who’s asked the most unusual place they’d made love says, “That’d be the butt, Bob” never happened. I have seen footage of this on a compilation series of gameshow bloopers in which it happens. I think that this was on VH1, but I am not sure. Please look it up because it is a very funny segment and no one wants David to miss out.

I’ve seen this clip too. The exact wording the woman used is closer to “In the ass”, if memory serves. The look on her hubby’s face is priceless.

I believe they have RealMedia clips of this on Snopes, both audio and video… yeah, check the links at the bottom of this page. Quite hilarious:

Tragically, the video clip is the censored version. Everything else is word for word, and the reactions are such that it pretty much has to be

The clip is shown in full, in the film Confessions of a Dangerous Mind.

To be fair, when David wrote the article (April, 2000) it was generally accepted that the “in the butt, Bob” story was indeed an urban legend. At that time, no one could produce evidence that it had ever happened and even the host of the show, Bob Eubanks, swore that it never did. It has only been recently that the video of the event has surfaced.

And, as Q.E.D. points out, the exact wording is not the same as the “That’d be the butt, Bob” of the legend.

And, as I might point out, though the incident or a variation thereof happened, there is no evidence that it actually aired, casting doubt on all those who have claimed to see it.

It aired at least twice on a major “Bloopers” type program on network TV, Czarcasm. Edited for language, naturally.

Other than the blooper shows, of course. Is there any evidence at all that the episode went on the air during the original run of the series?

Ohhhhh. No, it didn’t. They said the network wouldn’t allow it to be aired at the time.


According to Snopes, it did air:

To see who is correct, the Blooper show or Snopes, I’ve e-mailed Snopes for a clarification and a date for the original airing, if possible.

Excellent idea, Czar. Let us know what you find out. :slight_smile:

Yeah, Czarcasm, when you get clarification, we can revise amend the Staff Report that makes ref to this.

Lib makes a very valid point, but I personally think Barbara has NO info that would show the program was aired before the late 1980’s, as a bloopers tape. I think she merely wrote that sentence poorly.

And Czarcasm—best of luck. If you get an answer, I’ll be mightly surprised. My experience suggests that private answers such as you seek are seldom forthcoming from snopes. I hope you get one.

So did Eubanks pay up?


They haven’t answered back yet.
They haven’t even responded to my request to join their message board.

I am of the opinion that the blooper tape is a recent fake. We’re talking about Chuck Barris here. This guy is such a classic liar they made a movie about his claims. And guess what, the tape shows up just in time to promote the movie. How about that!